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March 15 Fitness

It was kind of, it’s one of those gloomy gray days. So it wasn’t, it wasn’t one of these E hot days. It was kinda kind of depressing all day. It was cold. And so I was kind of, I was lazy all day. I mean, I still did what I was supposed to this morning, did my pushups, they’re getting easier and easier. The sit ups my next little challenge on sit-ups is to keep my legs elevated, like straight out and elevated while I’m doing my sit-ups to try to work on my lower abdomen muscles bike ride, easy. It kind of changes. I sometimes I’m at 20 miles an hour. Sometimes that takes me 18 minutes. Sometimes it takes me about 22 minutes. So it’s right around there. Again eventually if I keep talking about it, then I will raise the, the speed or the resistance.

It’s just not at this very moment. So whatever next order of business yeah, the, the running I like, I don’t remember if it was yesterday. I think I mentioned that I’d be doing 5.5 as a minimum to just so I can’t go below that just to kind of try to make it a little bit more difficult or make it to that six miles or six minutes, a mile or 10 minutes a mile or whatever, Mark. If I can get there relatively fast, I’ll be happy, still ran three miles a day, which is good. I can’t really complain walking backwards, which I need to change that. I’ve just been lazy. I’m not gonna lie. I’m just lazy. Here again, we still have two more weeks worth of March. So in the two weeks that we have, I’m going to continuously work on just vegetable juice or vegetable water, keep using my little, my juicer keep flushing my system, hopefully, you know, maybe at the end of the month, we’ll look at or after four weeks of, of doing the juicing where we’re analyzed a little bit better.

We’ll we’ll, we’ll see which works right. We, or whether, if there was a, a big difference from week one to week four on the body evils. So if there is, then, then we’ll know something, but remember the only reason I’m really trying to do it is I’m trying to find the optimal vegetables for me and the best tasting, concoction, whatever. So that’s this, I mean, it’s just kinda been fun, but a challenging or been a challenge beginning next month, we’re going to start working on a different type of, of, you know, nutrients. We’ll be working more with food. So instead of just the drink, I’ll make like a breakfast and maybe a dinner. I don’t really like eating a lot. Well, I eat well, I, this is how I am when after about two o’clock, if I eat, I need a nap, I’m going to sleep.

Doesn’t matter how much food I eat. Well, I mean, if I, to like an Apple I’m old, but if I eat a meal, I’m ready to go to sleep. So I’m not trying to do that, but we will figure out what we need to do to kind of bring more health, healthy food, to healthy everything into our systems. That’d be the goal for, for the future. Yeah, still feeling good. Ready for the weather to break it warm or ready for the weather to be right warmer. Other than that, I’m gonna call it kind of short. Probably have more to talk about tomorrow, to talk about, you know, what we’re implement, kind of have a game plan, see what we’re going to be doing, but today I want to take shower and I’m a little hungry. And then I got to do a couple of other things. I don’t run to the grocery store and buy some groceries. So I will talk to you guys later on, have a great day.

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