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March 17 Am Ingredients

All right. Good morning. Sorry. A little late this morning. Uh, I think what I’m going to start doing is, is the first thing I do, right? When I wake up is make the juice. Um, cause if not, then I’m more susceptible to drink coffee. All right. And part of the early morning, juicing is supposed to stop the coffee, drinking and stop the sugar intake. Right? So if I wait six hours before I drink any coffee or like five hours this morning, it’s seven in the morning. I wake up really early in the morning. I wake up usually around two o’clock. Um, then that’s like seven hours of wasted time. I will not waste the time cause I’m working, but it’s seven hours where there’s, there’s no possible way. I’m not going to drink something. So I, I tend to just drink the coffee cause it gives me the caffeine and it gives me the sugar.

And then what, five hours later around making my morning drink. So I’m thinking I need to do this first thing in the morning. Right? When I wake up, you know, wipe my, the eye boogers out of my eyes and come in and make my juice for the morning. And I’m that hopefully that will stop the, the coffee intake every morning. Well, this morning we have grapes, which is a product to Chile. Uh, I just read it right there. So this fire food song, we have some California giant Berry farms, organic raspberries. We have some paper li organic blackberries. We got super fit greens, Kala grants. And then we got pear and Apple and then another Apple, uh, I think this one is the organic nature’s promise, something like that. And um, yeah, I’m not gonna, then we have to cover. And again, we’re using this, uh, mixer, which is Mueller. So let’s check and see what vitamins we are in Justinian into our system this morning, where you have two vegetables. We have our color green and we have our cucumber. So let’s go with our, then look at that. They’re right. There are collard greens, vitamin a C K and B6, calcium iron cancer prevention, detox, support anti-inflammation and heart health, the cucumber, which is vitamins K and C magnesium, potassium, hydration, weight loss, blood, sugar control, and bowel regulation.

That’s problem. We’re after nevermind. I was going to say, I don’t think I’m putting enough food in my system. Um, popper relief or what people were were trying to tell me was if I do this, my bowels are gonna be crazy and I’m gonna have to go to the bathroom all the time. Um, not true at all. I’m quite disappointed in that as I haven’t it’s I need to eat more food, I guess. Cause I haven’t really had to go to the bathroom, which isn’t a good thing. Um, so that’s what got me. That’s what made me think about that with the cucumber, because it’s about regulation. All right. So we have our blackberries right here. Blackberry right here, vitamin C and K and Magna needs, brain health, weight loss, healthy gut bowel regulation. So we’ve got two bowel regulations today. You’ve got the cucumber and we also have the Blackberry. Now let’s look at the razz, Berry raspberry, C K and B vitamins, magnesium, magnesium, blood sugar control, weight loss, reduced joint inflammation and skin health. That’s nice are Apple. These are apples right here. It is vitamin C potassium, queers, atten heart health, weight loss, and cancer prevention. Right here. We have a pair vitamin C and K potassium, digestive health, weight loss immunity, boost, kidney stone prevention and heart health. And we’ll end this morning with Gloria grapes.

There we go. Cancer vitamin C and K potassium, cancer prevention, blood pressure regulation, and chronic disease prevention. Alright, see you guys in a minute.