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March 16 Am Ingredients

No, I, most of the time, as we know, it’s morning, well, you don’t know. It’s morning time. Uh, and most, most in the morning, most times in the morning, excuse me, we’re doing, uh, more of a fruit based diet or juice, but today we’re getting rid of some vegetables. This is getting softened. This is getting salt. They’ve been in there for awhile. Cause you can see like even mine, my collard greens are getting kind of, kind of old, but the new two things we’re going to try, we’re going to try a red, delicious Apple, and we’re going to try a sweet potato. Why are we trying to sweet potato? Why not? I thought it’d be a good idea just to kind of try it. Uh it’s in our book, right? I don’t know how sweet potatoes in our book and other things aren’t but whatever. So we’re going to try a sweet potato. We got the Apple, we got the zucchini, we got some squash and we got some collard greens. All right, let’s start.

Start with our Apple jazz. Vitamin C potassium sit 10 heart health, weight loss and cancer prevention. All right. Now we basically just go onto our vegetables cause there’s nothing else. So especially let’s go to our collard greens. We’re already, there we go. Vitamins, a C K and B6, calcium iron cancer prevention, detox, support anti-inflammation and heart health. Look at that. That’s what color greens gets ya. Those are that’s good. Now, if you put a whole bunch of other stuff in there, some ham Hawks and all that kind of stuff, I doubt it’s really good for you. But color greens by themselves are quite nutritious. All right. We got some squash.

There we go. See the sweet potato right there. Squash vitamins, a C E B six. Nice in diabetes, meaning management anti-inflammation and lung health. Now we have our sweet potato right here. This is why I put it in here. You see it? Sweet potato vitamins, a and B magnesium potassium, digestive health immunity, boost and lung health. All right. Well hopefully our sweet potato gets us some juice. I’m not sure if it’s going to be a new experiment. Wait, I know that the squash or excuse me, I know that the squash, it gives us a decent amount. Oh yeah. We’re throwing our ginger in. Don’t forget. I have a little ginger in the morning, but other than that, uh, yeah, it’ll be a nice little experiment and I’ll see you in just a minute.