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March 16 Night Time Anxiety Relief Ingredients

Good afternoon today, or this evening, I’m gonna get the sticker off before I forget and grind a sticker. We have a cucumber, uh, mostly for hydration. Remember we have some pepper because I have yet to try some peppers. I’m pretty excited about the peppers on it. We got the boring tomato, but uh, why not? Right. Tomatoes have, have, uh, I’m wondering, I am kind of wondering how much juice comes out of a tomato. So we’ll probably do a tomato first because in my mind, uh, do, uh, tomatoes pretty much all juice. So if this machine doesn’t give us the juice that I’m expecting from a tomato, then we might not be grinding tomatoes. If that makes any sense. Cause we haven’t had a problem with the, the juicer, this one right here, the Mouler Austria juicer that you can buy on Amazon. Uh, it doesn’t really do fruit very well. So tomorrow we have a new and improved citrus fruit grinder that I also bought on Amazon. However, let’s get back to what we’re talking about. Then we have some green leaf lettuce we have where we added this the first time. I think we’ve, I think we’ve tried the red leaf and then the iceberg. So today we’re going to try the green leaf, right? All right. Let’s check in our green juicing recipe book for our vegetables.

All right. So what are these things called? Bell pepper


Do we see bell pepper?

There we go. Vitamin C K B6 in a potassium I health and, um, Nemea prevention. Okay. You know what? I will have to say. I do want some, some I, some iHealth I do. All right. There’s nothing wrong. Cause it’s kind of like a carrot. So I’ve had carrots in a few days. If you noticed, all right, cucumber, let’s go with the cucumber Vitamins, K and C Magnan magnesium, potassium, hydration, weight loss, blood, sugar control and bowel regulation. 

Now let’s go to our tomato.

Vitamin C and K full Lake potassium, heart health, cancer prevention, and skin health. Now I’m going to have a glossary to where it’s going to go over. Like what all this stuff is because you know great for telling me what K one is. I’m glad I got that vitamin. If I only knew what that meant, right. Anyways, for a different video. Let us see if we got that green leaf right there. See it says it 

green leaf, lettuce

Vitamins a and K potassium zinc. Foliate anti-inflammation sleep aid anti-anxiety reward.

So if you’re anxious or you need to sleep, uh, grind up some lettuce or the, you know, you know, people usually eat lettuce for lunch, which now I find out. So, uh, a sleep aid, not the smartest thing to do before you got to go back to work, but did we knock out the cucumber? Yes, we did. The bell pepper. Yes, we did the for tomato. Got them down and the lettuce now of course throw a little ginger ginger in there and we’re good to go. All right. See you in a minute.