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March 26 Am Taste Test

Good morning. Let’s bring out our concoction and we made this morning. Here we go. Let’s go over the detail or the ingredients real fast in case anyone forgot or didn’t watch the other videos. We have a beat. We have a carrot. We have a red Apple at green Apple. We have a Mellon, uh, uh, a LA some, something like that from Honduras. Uh, I think I said carrots. Carrots. Yes. So there’s a part of the reason this isn’t a full glass is I miscalculated how much I need to put in here. So, and there’s the sweet potato. Let’s try to take off of our foam. You see, we got a little bit, a little bit more on this side, but it’s not, it’s not too shabby. Although we also don’t have a full cup either. So in regards to the, now it’s quite a lot more, alright. The beet gives us the flavor And I forgot to take the picture.

Um, before I drank this. So there will be a picture of, I will stop this video with a little bit left and drink it. So let’s give it a shot. Let’s see how this tastes. I am a little nervous. Beet is cool, but it’s also not. And I also know if you’re going to do this with beats, you have to understand this. Your bowels are going to be changing colors when you pee, it’s going to come out a little bit like this. And when your poop is going to come out a little bit like this, don’t worry. It’s normal. It’s the beat. The beat is very, very powerful. This is surprisingly good. Yeah. After part isn’t quite as good as it going down, but going down is, is when it first goes into your stomach, like into your mouth. There’s just a cluster of flavor, which is it’s good. It’s really good, actually.


I taste the Mellon like that’s of everything that I taste. I taste the don’t get me lying. The melon from Honduras, right? The OMA, something from Mike’s melons. I enjoy that. I I’m not gonna lie. I, before I mushed it all up into the juicer, I took a small little, little spoon and tried it and I thought it was absolutely disgusting. So for it to, I also don’t like melons. I can’t, I don’t like any type of melon, honeydew, watermelon, cantaloupe. No, I don’t like the flavor of behind it. I think it’s gross. Like when you go to the hotel and then when you go to a fancy hotel, they got the fruit for breakfast and they got the orange fruit, the green fruit, the watermelon, no, I’ll eat. I’ll eat a piece of pineapple and that’s about it. Right? Other than that, no, it’s just not, not for me. However, in this, the melon juice is giving this a sweetness that the beat, the beat has a distinct type of sweetness because it’s not really dry or not really like bitter, there’s a beat, but the melons complementing the beet flavor. If that makes sense.

Yeah. Is he in my teeth already?

That’s the beat. So just know after you drink this juice, everything is going to be beat color for a little bit. So don’t get nervous. Don’t get frustrated. Don’t go out of all out of whack. It’s normal. But though again, we’re the only thing that, that I’m getting at or that my, my most consistent complaint that I’ve had is the temperature. All the juices that I’ve had thus far, I have more or less been room temperature. Now, if they’ve been, if we could lower the temperature, every drink that I have, that I, I make amazing. Amazing. So maybe, maybe I shouldn’t just drink them right after. So for you, if I’m not sure it might cause I’m drinking all this by myself. I’m not really sharing it. And, um, uh, this is, it’s a one in one and done type of drink. I’m not going to go back and drink this later. But if you were to have maybe two or three friends, this was this with some ice and then just port for everybody, maybe with breakfast or lunch or something, it’d be beautiful. It’s just needs to be cooler. That’s it? The taste and everything is great. It’s not bad at all. The Mellon, no Mellon, whatever type of melon it is. You will have to look at the other video or read the other article and you can figure out what it is. I forgot what it was.


There is sweet potato in here. Now I’m not going to full disclosure. The after flavor is not the greatest going down all the way into about right, right. About here. Great. It’s the last little bit that tastes like dirt and I’m thinking that’s the beat. Um, so yeah, uh, just be prepared for the last little part taste like dirt, but 99% of this is great. It’s just that last 1%. It tastes like crap, but nonetheless, it’s good. You know, what would be good in here? I gotta try some pineapple.

Let me see With a pineapple juice in there. That’d be, that’d be great. You notice, I didn’t say strawberries, which I usually say strawberries, but some pineapple, some pineapple in there would be good that this is really surprisingly good. It’s it’s not as liquidy as water. It has a thicker consistency. So I think it’ll hold me over a little bit longer.

Yeah, through the whole juicing thing. I don’t know how you could use to not eat food. Yeah. I would be starving. Um, I mean, if you have reserves, right? If you’re overweight or you’re, you’re, you know, bigger person then yes, most definitely do this and juice yourself down to a normal weight. But if you don’t have any like reserves out a little bit of reserves, I, I just, I, I couldn’t do it. My body wasn’t able to maintain it. Plus I’m also burning a lot of calories by running for 30 minutes and riding a bike for an hour every day. However, I’m gonna take one more nice little swig. We’re going to discuss the flavor one last time. And then I’m sorry for me talking like this, like, this is not helpful for anyone you can’t see me. I’m extremely sorry for playing. Um, I’m sorry for playing with my face. That’s rude and it doesn’t do you any justice? Cause especially when I’m playing with it right here, it’s right in front of the camera. You can’t see what’s going on. Anyways. One last swig. Then I got to take my picture.

Again, very, very, very shocking how sweet this is. Like, it’s almost like a candy. It’s so sweet again, that little, the last 1% isn’t the greatest, but 99% of this tastes like S like straight up sugar. Like I went to the store, I grew up, I had some sugar and I dumped it into this cup. That’s what it tastes like. I, and you, if you watch me, you know, there’s not any sugar in here. However, there is a large sugar flavor in here. So hopefully I’m not being counterproductive and amping myself with more sugar than I had by just drinking regular sugar. But, uh, we’ll figure that out. And we’ll see, as we continuously go through this progress through this journey, all right. Talk to you guys later and hope you enjoy the picture.