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March 26 Noon Taste Test

All right, welcome back. I apologize for that. My, my other phone, it ran out of space. So when I’m done with this video and you know, what I have to do is, is, uh, clear some space on this phone so I can use it again. Um, so back to where we were, this is what our concoction looks like. It seems like my, I think I’m looking at the camera, but the cameras I’m looking, I’m literally, I’m looking directly at you guys, but it looks like I’m looking to the, to the side. So I apologize on that because if I look at the, if that’s looking at the camera, then I’m looking at space, right. That’s weird. All right. So Lee, just to recap, what’s in here, we have orange lemon, Apple sweet potato, asparagus and spinach. Oh yeah, yeah. And we also have, what does that call a flower? I got it right that time. Right? We have cauliflower. So we have those in here. Uh, we’re see if it gives us some energy when we’re trying to mix together the perfect concoction to give us like the afternoon boost to give us energy for the rest of the day. Right? So that’s where we’re adding citrus to it. To, to, to increase the amount of sugar that we’re intaking in the middle of the day. Let’s clear off the phone.


I wasn’t that bad a little bit, but not too bad. Let’s give it a stir. You can’t really see. Sorry about that.


All right. Back to me. So this is me in green right here, as in this morning was more reddish. This is really green, Which is crazy because we just have spinach in it. Well, the spinach and asparagus, I guess, is what it’s creating it’s color, but we also have Apple and orange and lemon and a few other things. So it being this kind of, uh, kind of vomit green makes me nervous. I don’t know the colorful drinks. I’m not as nervous with the green drinks with the green drinks. I’m always kind of like, Oh no, man, here we go.


Yes, this is very citrusy. Yes. It’s very citrusy is, this is, uh, probably not the best drink I’ve made. Let’s try it again.

Yeah. There’s a lot of citrus in here. A lot of citrus, you can taste it. It’s making it sticky in the back of the throat.


All right. You did your tastes. Hold on. Let’s do it again.

yeah. It’s a different flavor. It’s really different.

I can taste the cauliflower, right. That’s that’s besides, it’s kind of like a citrusy cauliflower. If that makes any sense. Asparagus don’t really taste the asparagus too much. Um, I mean, my pee is going to be all the way messed up. I had a beat this morning and now asparagus right now, so it’s going to be purple and the smell like. Excuse me. I just thought about that. Um, hold on. Let’s take another swallow.

That’s very difficult as [inaudible]. Yeah, I mean, not as just wow. With the flavors. That’s a lot, there’s a lot going on in there. Um,

Like, it has the stickiness that I I’ve I’ve, you know, the citrus stickiness in the back of your throat, but then it also has the chalky kind of dryness of the sweet potato and then it has the flavor of the cauliflower. Um, so it’s, it’s different, very different. Um, you know, hold on, let me, let me see what would go good in this

So two things, it needs a cucumber right? To, to give it more like water. Cause I mean, this is it’s pretty citrusy. I mean, it’s, it’s I’m I need some water to drink so I can get rid of the stickiness in the back of my throat. Right. That’s kind of what I mean by sticky. Um, so a water, not a welder, excuse me. A cucumber would give it kind of a kind of blended flavor out a little bit. It take away the stickiness because it’s basically for hydration, excuse me. And then I would put some ginger in here. I grind up some ginger. I want to start, I want to try like a peppermint and other kinds of things like more herbs. So I might buy some herbs. I’m just kinda nervous because you don’t really get very many herbs for the price. All right.

So I might get like a, an herb for $3. And so, um, I’m not quite convinced on the herbs yet, but as you know, it’s about to be summertime. So if I grow a lot of herbs, then, Oh yeah, I’m going to mix them in there. Cause it’s, you know, it’s free. All right. So, uh, if you wanna, you know what, I am really not very good at growing things. I’ve, I’ve been able to have a couple of seasons of the garden, but that was because I had help to put it together. Um, but other than that, I dunno if I can grow herbs, but we will try, at least we’re at this very moment. The mind is we’re going to do it not, but do not quote me cause it’s not a hundred percent sure I’m going to do it, but it would be a great idea to do it just because I want to like, because just imagine the herbs bring so many different flavors, right. And it’s basically a vegetable they’re both grass or like growing on the ground outside by nature. So I, you know, add a little herbs in here, a little herbs we’ll spice, herbs, and spices with our drinks. That would be amazing. I don’t know what the spice is, but the spices are all out of the ground too. So yeah. Herbs and spices

And I think part of it is because again, we’re going to have the same issue with that. I, I say almost on a constant basis is it’s dry or it’s not dry. Excuse me, it’s warm. Um, but that’s literally my fault. That’s not the juices fault. That’s cause I have the, and I have the fruit basically outside of the fridge. So I need to, I need to remember mental note, put the stuff inside the frigerator. So then tomorrow when you want to drink your juice, it’s not hot because that could be part of the stickiness because you know, when, when, when it’s, when it’s hot, it’s kinda sticky. Right.

But really no complaints, no complaints at all. This is good. We’re getting to the point where it’s just a phone we’re in. I’m going to try it one more time, see where we’re at. If the foam’s just there, I’m going to cut the case.

So we got most of it. All right. Talk to you all later.