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March 25 Noon Taste Test

Welcome to our energy drink session. Here’s our energy drink. I have no idea if this is going to do anything, it might make me throw up. Might make me gag. I have no idea. We’re trying to new ingredients, which, uh, the grinder, the muter mixer was having a little bit of a trouble trying to mix it up a little sugar cane. So we’re going to see how sugar cane helps out with our intention of

Making a sugar energy drink. That’s healthier than your regular monster or red bull. So let’s recap. What’s in this green goodness, we have orange juice, freshly squeezing, or squeezed orange juice. Mind you apples, bok choy, spinach, sugar, King, and a plum. Not too exciting, nothing too, too scary. Um, hopefully my, my fruit is more powerful than the vegetables, I guess. That’s, I guess that’s, that’s kinda where I’m more nervous than anything is just the fact that, uh, there’s fruit in here. But then I also have bok choy and spinach, so I don’t really want to drink spinach and bok choy. So hopefully this has a better flavor than just spinach water. It looks really like spinach water, but it’s not,

Very different, very different. It tastes like a funny orange juice.

Let’s do it again. 

I want to say it’s refreshing in a weird way. Don’t give up, don’t get it twisted. I had no intention of this being a refreshing drink. I was more looking for that boost in sugar and energy, but it’s, it’s kind of refreshing. I’m going to put a little, couple ice cubes in here. What I’m trying to figure out. What is this? You see this, this little line right here. There’s some type of color in here, which wasn’t earlier. I don’t know what that is.


Now this does have a distinct orange juice flavor, not your Tropicana. That’s that’s orange juice, sugar flavor. Right? But I love Tropicana. Don’t get me wrong. I liked minute made too. So I’m not saying it in a negative way. However, uh, this is really kind of, you know, sour, um, like orange juice sour. And it’s given me the kind of stickiness in the back of my throat. It’s not like sours and lemon sour it’s hours and like orange juice sour. If that makes sense, there are different sizes.

Nothing bad at all. This is good. Um, I liked strawberries. So what leave me alone and put some strawberry juice in here. And I think it’ll be a little bit better.

The one thing that I will say, and this is probably my, my own fault. If I were to keep the oranges and the apples in the fridge, I bet you this would be a better drink just for the simple fact is it’s not cold. And so I’m, I’m kind of drinking like warm juice, which don’t get me wrong. It’s still good. But, uh, it would be better if it was cooler. I even on this one, I even tried to put it in the freezer while I was cleaning up. Before it came in here, it’s just, didn’t get cool at all. It’s that would probably be the only thing that’s wrong with this Of Everything that could possibly be wrong with this concoction. The only thing that I see as being wrong Is the Temperature I have. Now we have to keep trying the sugar cane. Why? Because I have no idea if I’m tasting sugar cane or not. If you watch over the video, little droplets of sugar King came out kind of like when the ginger, but I can’t promise because I also mixed the bok choy after. Cause it was making those kind of breaking the machine I cut out. Right? So I was like, you know, let’s put some bok choy in there, kind of help it out. It did not help just let you know it made it worse. However, when I was doing the sugar cane and it was spinning around and it was basically doing nothing, little droplets of juice were coming out. So hopefully those little droplets happen. In fact, I’m not sure we’re going to keep doing it. And we’re just, we’re only going to be using the sugar cane for the middle of the day.

If it’s making droplets of sugar and it’s dropping it, this drink into this drink, then I will have to say mission successful for the whole simple purpose is that we’re trying to influx ourself with a massive amount of sugar, um, to replicate and monster or a red bull. Cause that’s just sugar syrup. So weaning ourselves off of fake sugars onto natural sugars. Cause there’s no glucose in here. At least I don’t think there is maybe there’s glucose in here, but if I’m correct, there’s no glucose in here. It’s just straight natural sugars. And then adding the sugar cane just amplifies the natural sugar effect, which hopefully this gives me my brain health power with the spinach and the bok choy and gives me the sugar rush from the oranges and the, you know what I’m talking about? The sugar cane

Okay. Again, no complaints from my end of things. This is, this is really good. Um, the only thing I could say is cool it down, it’s a little warm, but if that’s my only issue is the temperature. We can make this every day. Of course, I’m not going to make it every day. I know what I messed up on. I’m supposed to put a little lemon in here, a little lemon to, I forget little the acid, it easy to help me do this or that or whatever. If my pH balance is out of whack than a lemon supposed to help me bring it back and, and be able to digest my fats or some, I don’t know. I got, I’ll give you a much better in depth analysis on each one of these fruit and what is the point of us eating these fruit? However, right now I’m going through the motions, man. I’m just drinking the juice and enjoying it and seeing what kind of effects happen after. And again, I said this yesterday or earlier day, whenever I said it, I don’t know, the days are all jumbled together.

We’re not gonna, I’m not going to notice anything for a few months. So I have to consistently do this for a few months. One week, two days, one, three weeks a month. It’s not going to work. I have to consistently do this. I’m talking about I’m referring to juicing. And then after, um, I got a couple of months in my belt or mute at least at least two months under my belt. We’re in week number three. So what, four or five, basically five more weeks, uh, five, six more weeks then I’ll understand. And then, then I’ll worry more about which each fruit does for me. And then, cause I’ll have gone through, I’ve tried all and I’m within two months I would have gone through every vegetable at Harris Teeter, every vegetable at Amazon’s whole foods, every vegetable at food lion and every vegetable at Walmart, you know, fruit included.

I’m not just talking about vegetables. So by that time I forgot the two or three months Mark. Then we can really kind of nicher down and be like, Oh, this is what I need. Or this is what I need pick and pick and choose better. But I also, by that time, the garden should be there. So then this would be more in tune, a much better experience for you and for me as well, excuse me, this is making me burp. But other than that, let me go ahead and finish this. Cause we’re at time and I still got a lot left. I like to talk for some reason. I apologize.

Some grapes would probably be a good year to do, but no, just keep the strawberries.

All right. As I’m getting lower and closer, closer to the bottom, I’m tasting spinach. Like obviously I’m tasting the orange. It’s been with us the whole entire time. I’m tasting a little bit more of a spinach flavor.

 all right. Talk to you later.