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March 25 Noon Juicing

All right. We’re back. We’re time, uh, to get juicing. So we see our, uh, sugarcane are bok choy, our spinach, our apples, and our prune. And of course our oranges. So let’s start with our oranges. Remember we are using the Vinci model juice maker.

Now I could let it spill out, but I want to see how much juice this creates for two oranges all at once. Instead of doing it in sections.

Yeah, it’s working. You see got two more.

One more.

Perfect. Now we open up our little valve, Not bad. Freshly squeezed orange juice. All right. Now we go over to our actual juicer, put our orange juice. Let’s attach this real quick. Sorry about that. Put our juice right there. And out of this, let’s start with some spinach Gracefully stuff it in there.

Let’s give it a whirl. 

That happens a lot with this machine.

A little

Turning off thing comes off. Let’s try this sugar cane. Since I have no idea what’s gonna happen.

That’s kinda what it looks like. We’ll get to it, but let’s put a little bok choy in there, so I guess help it out. Maybe

Well, we know sugar canes, a little different. My machine’s probably yelling and screaming at me. Like give up buddy, uh, mercy, mercy, but it got through and we will see what it does.

Well, Alrighty, then I’m good thing. We’re almost done. We’re putting some apples in there now.

All right. Let’s finish up our bok choy and last but not least Put our plum in there. there we go. But that must come down a little bit. All right. Now I can talk. You can hear me. Everything’s good. So this is our impromptu energy drink. Now let me clean up and I’ll see you in just a minute.