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March 25 Am Taste Test

This is what we’re looking at right now. Let’s do our initial scoop for phones. Not really much of anything as you can see it, it just flops right in. So we’ll give it a nice stir. We don’t have very much juice this morning. Uh, that’s my fault. I’m kind of running out of vegetables and everything and we didn’t use it.

We use any melons this morning. [inaudible] that’s pretty good.

You can taste the Apple. I got two apples. So let’s recap. What’s in, in this beautiful drink. We have carrots, sweet potato broccoli, Apple key. We struggle. That’s what I’m smelling. I’m smelling the broccoli. Can’t really taste it, but I can smell it. You know how broccoli has that? Like vegetable, dirt kind of smell. I don’t, I don’t really know how else to put it. Besides broccoli has a dirt smell, right? Like it’s a bar. It’s a very distinct broccoli.


It’s very sweet. Um, yeah, it, it kinda, it’s not foamy as in a bad way. Remember we have that, the sweet potato in here, and if you’ve watched other videos, then you kind of understand how sweet potato kind of makes things chalky. Right? So my mouth is a little chalky, but it’s the sweet potato also provides a lot of sweetness, like obviously sweet potato. So with the sweetness of a and surprisingly carrots have a lot of sweetness as well. So this drink for, if you’re trying to find a substitute for sugar, this is really sweet and right. So it’s not, it’s not. Um, all right. So let me give you a quick example. When I was in Columbia, South America, um, they have like regular juice, like orange juice, and then there’s also a Tropicana, right? Which is American. So before I used to always get the Tropicana, but then, uh, my, my friend, she was like, she told me like, this is really sweet. I never had paid attention to it. It’s just that, that’s what warrants, juice tastes like to me, Tropicana. But then, you know, when you try the other stuff, it’s kind of bitter and it’s not as sweet. There’s still sugar in it, but it’s not added sugar. Right. So this right here, it’s really sweet, but it’s not added sugar. Sweet. If that makes sense.

Yeah. There’s no, yeah. It’s the, the consistency of the sweet potato again, since it is so starchy, I guess it starts, I could be wrong. Could be fiber on now, but it is it’s leaving that, that chalky, dry feeling in my mouth. Like what? We’re, we’ve become accustomed to the, I think, um, let, we’ll give it another shot. This it’s good though. It’s good. Um, I’m not going to say it’s bad. It’s good. I wouldn’t think that this an orange drink, like this would be very good, but it is

Now there’s a distinct flavor in here. I just can’t. I can’t pinpoint it. I can’t. And that’s, it’s, it’s almost, it’s really frustrating. Now when I, when I took that last deep goal and then, uh, breathe air out, I could taste the broccoli. I could like it. Those are distinct broccoli tastes. But other than that, I, if you were to tell me there’s broccoli in this, I wouldn’t be able to tell you, I wouldn’t believe you. I mean, mind you, it was just the juice. So it’s not really like it’s actual broccoli, but, um, if we’re getting the nutrients of everything, like here’s, this is kind of where my stance is. Uh, we’ve been doing this. This is week number three.

If I can like separate the drinks because drinking three of them in a day, that’s a lot of water at this back in the picture. Um, I haven’t been able to do three in a day, maybe like one or once or twice. I’ve, I’ve been able to squeeze three, three juicings in a day, but it’s just, it is massive. It is a lot of liquid going into my body, which my body’s not used to. And then I’m also hungry. So, um, it’s like a double whammy, but I’m not 100% sold that I’m getting any nutrients into my body. Now I know that sounds retarded or stupid. Excuse me. And I know that I’m putting something into my body. Part of me is it’s just so slow in a sense, right? Is I’m not, it’s not instant gratification. So I’m not noticing any like instant change. Now, what also makes this difficult is because I’m changing. Okay.

Excuse me. I’m changing ingredients on a daily basis or even on a session basis. So like I haven’t had bok choy in what, five days. So if I were to just eat bok choy and drink the bok choy juice consistently, then I’d probably understand and see the effects of bok choy faster. But since I’m changing the, the nutrients and changing the fruits and changing the vegetables, then I’m giving myself, uh, like, uh, a cocktail, uh, nutrition, nutrition cocktail, which I don’t know if I’m being productive while doing this, or from being counterproductive. However, we’re going to continuously do this, but I guess where I’m getting there, that is this hydration, right? Because there’s no possible way drinking all these juices. I’m not working on hydration. So that’s a positive. If nutrition is going into my system with all these different drinks that I’m coming up with, then it’s a great supplement for anything else.

Right? Cause if you, I swear to you, if you were to drink three of these, you’re not going to drink soda. You just don’t have enough space in your system, right? You’re like three of these a day. That’s my I’m waking up this it’s before what? I think it’s before five o’clock in the morning right now having my first drink so that I can squeeze in two more for out the rest of the day, because it takes a minute for this to go through my system. Right? So if you were to drink three of these in a day, it’s gonna solve a lot of your problems, not in the fact of, Oh, I’m fat. And I’m trying to get skinny just on the, the sugar intake and the not having enough room in your system, right. You’re going to be, if you were to try to drink four of these, you’re right, you’re going to be peeing all day long.

You spend most of your time in the bathroom, just because of how much fluids you’re putting into your system. Now, the benefit of the nutrition. That’s great, but we can’t see that we, we can’t gauge that at the moment. So we can only gauge off of the things that we know. And what we do know is that hydrating ourselves is, is a good thing. And you know, it’s giving us our sugar, funny quotes or whatever. It’s giving us a decent sugar intake because of the natural sugars, which is supplement, or it’s basically satisfying my cravings for sugar, for a sense, right now, I’m not a hundred percent sure I’m not going to jump off of this and go to the store and go grab a coffee, which I probably will. But the more I drink, these, the better, the more hydrate I’m going to be, the more enjoyable it is.

Because once you it’s kind of like working out, once you get in yourself into a routine, then it just becomes second nature. So this is a healthy route. This is a much healthier routine. Then let’s say drinking, you’re smoking. So whether or not this truly has nutritional benefits or whatever, that doesn’t matter because this, what is when you’re thinking of things, what is the alternative? If the alternative is carbonated sugar, then this is much better. Does that make sense? So, yeah, I might not be Popeye the sailor man and have big muscles and everything after this. But what I am doing is I’m transforming my mind and one hydrating it more shooting myself with nutrients, maybe, maybe not, but it’s a, it’s a better habit. It’s a better, better habit to have than other vices. So it’s really just think of what is the alternative. Don’t always think about what, well, it’s not doing, I want you to need it to do well. What’s the alternative if it’s better than the alternative and stick with it. All right. Since I was a little bit long-winded lecture, so got quite a bit of juice and we’re already over time. So I’m going to drink this pretty fast.


Um, they’re not very much foam in here either, so I’ll be able to drink most of it. And there she goes.