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March 25 Am Juicing Process

All right, welcome back. So you see, we’ve got everything prepared and let’s start the process. Let’s start with, uh, I see why the fruit needs to be on the other side now. Um, I apologize because of the light, the lights on the other side, cause usually the fruit is on the left side of the juicer, but today it’s on the right and I apologize for that because there’s a shadow. Now let’s not forget we’re using the Mueller a grinder. Let’s start with, we’ll start with the carrots today.

that’s a decent amount of carrot.

What was that? Maybe five carrots. Now let’s mix in some of the apples. Cause there are Browning

let’s give it a quick break. Now

We’ve got our Apple or sweet potato in our carrot. We got our broccoli. Oh, we’ve got Christmas left our broccoli and our strawberry and our Kiwi. So let’s see if we’re going to stay this color or if the broccoli and the key, we are going to change our color attack. Now we know this is kind of like strawberry. So the strawberries aren’t going to do anything, but we’re going to mix it up a little bit. Throw a little green in here. Some broccoli all right, let me talk to you guys. Can just second, let me clean up and I will meet you on the other side.