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March 24 Night Juice Test

All right. Welcome back. So in here we have my freshly grown lettuce, a romaine heart, which is just a big stick of lettuce. Um, honeydew, watermelon, and then a lot of strawberries. Now I didn’t give us a full cup, but it was closing up. Uh, let’s see, let’s kind of check our foam. See how much foam this gives us. Yeah, it gives us a little, maybe like a scooper to a phone. Get that top little a little bit off. We’re really not very much enough or not nerd. Excuse me. Not very much at all. Now let’s give it a stir so you can kind of see what’s going on and we change clothes. All right, drum roll please. All right. Let’s see how it tastes.

I taste the lettuce. I tasted kind of like I’m eating a salad or drinking a salad. However, is this good? It has a very distinct lettuce flavor, which makes a lot of sense because actually there’s not that much juice, lettuce juice, and here’s some more mango or not mango. Excuse me. More watermelon and honeydew juice in here. That’s that’s the majority of the juice. It’s those two. However, and then, you know, the strawberry strawberries gave us a little bit, but not enough to really write home about the honeydew and watermelon. Give it are giving it a nice, like, hold on. Let’s do it again. Yeah. So it’s this is, this is this right here. It’s different. This is good. It’s different than all the other ones I’ve tried. It’s it’s weird. Cause their ingredients isn’t very much different. Cause I’ve experimented with most, all of them. This is refreshing for one, like I can still feel my mouth having like moisture as you’ve heard me complaints. Some of it gives me a stickiness in my mouth. Some of it’s makes my mouth chalky this. After I drink it, I feel like my mouth still has water in it.

This is good. It’s good. It’s it? So it w hopefully, uh, the lettuce does what it’s supposed to do. And it gives me a relaxing feeling. Well, you know, it says anti-anxiety so in my eyes, that means relaxation. So if it, if this drink calms me down and tonight, if I sleep soundly, then I might be on to something. Now of course, we’re going to tweak it, but lettuce is, needs to be our domineering ingredient because it provides our sleep aid and it provides our anti-seizure anti-anxiety excuse me. So when we add those two together, that’s those two ingredients, the, the sleep aid and the anti-anxiety, I’m trying to implement that on a daily basis. So the second, so that’s our core product. Our second, just like in, for our energy, oranges are mostly our core product in the morning. We don’t really have a core product it’s more or less. Let’s just throw things together. But at night lettuce in for our energy drink, oranges cause the oranges are hiring.

So yeah, it’s back to where we were, where I was going with this. The lettuce is providing let’s. Hold on. Let’s try it.


All right. If you pay attention on some of them, I’ll I’ll I say,

Hold on. I lost it for a second. I, I was about to say lettuce, but my mindset celery, and then me re correcting my mind. I forgot what I was about to say. So hold on, let me take another swig. Hopefully that’s not a, Oh, well, no, we’re not happening. Buck choice. So we don’t have any brain power control. So maybe we’d add that every night, you know, have a sleep aid, have an anti-anxiety aid and then he knows some brain power. That’d be a good mix.

Yeah. That’s what it was. That’s what it was. All right. You know how sometimes I say, uh, that’s why I was thinking celery. All right. Put it together now. Boom. Makes perfect sense. So what I was getting at is with the celery, it kind of has that thick consistency and it doesn’t. And then I was, I kind of complained about it kind of being warm, like thick and warm. This is not, this gives it the refreshing kind of cool flavor. Uh, you could drink this, obviously it doesn’t look like it because it’s green, but again, a couple of ice cubes outside. Now, if it’s inside and it’s been in the fridge or if you’re just drinking it, how I am right now, it’s perfectly fine. But I’m saying if you were by the pool, right. And it’s 80 degrees outside and it’s nighttime, this would be a good drink to have with maybe a little bit of a little bit of ice

Or you can make it, look

Your drink with it. That’s fine too. That’s what I’m going to try. That’s exactly what I want.

Sorry. Sorry.

But, well, I’m going to try that. I just had an epiphany. Um, no, this, this drink just have me think about it. Like what if you were to mix the moonshine that I know how to make


There’s classes on that you can take on. I teach you how to do that and then you mix it with this and, Oh my goodness. That’s revolutionary because the reason I say this, because I make my moonshine out of the fruit. So I distill it with, I don’t add fruit flavor and I distill it with the fruit. Right. So having, so it creates like more of a fruit flavor, liquor. So then having whatever base, this is like, uh, maybe a watermelon liquor have a watermelon liquor in here. That’d probably be really good. I don’t want to talk too much about liquor because this is supposed to be all age group for everybody, but click the button. And there’s probably a link by the time you see this, if not, there will be so check back and then I’ll have a whole series on moonshine and juicing, As you see we’re getting there. Uh, it’s, it’s no complaints at all. I’m going to give it a nice little

Just cause um, that last little taste, I kind of had

A little foam, so we’ll start that foam down a little bit and let’s give it another world.

No complaints. This is really good. The after flavor again, kind of gives that, that legacy flavor kind of like you’re eating a salad, but no complaints. It’s good. As you can see, it goes down. No problem.

That last stir? Um, did it all, did it’s uh, allowed me to drink more of this. If that makes sense. I forgot to take a picture. So we’re going to cut to the video right here. I’m going to drink this. It’s just no, I’m going to drink it all, but I’m going to take a picture.