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March 18 Morning Ingredients

Good morning. It’s about seven 45 in the morning. I’ve already done my hour long bike ride. Some sit ups, a couple of pushups, done, little, little housecleaning work well on the internet. Now it’s time to drink juice. Get the day started. Um, put a little ginger in here too today in the morning time. Uh, I did get my juicer last night where we’ll try to play with that later might like to citrus juicer. Um, we’ll try to play with that later on today. Again, we are using the Mueller brand, uh, juicer this morning. We’re going to be using some grapes, low key. We that’s a sweet potato, our ginger, our carrot and other half of our watermelon. Let’s go into our trusty book And see what types of vegetables we’re going to be giving ourselves this morning. We’ll start with carrot Vitamins, a C and B six potassium eye health, skin health and cancer prevention. We’ll go to potato sweet potato. That is

Right here, vitamins. Excuse me. All right. Pants jumping around vitamins a and B6, magnesium potassium, digestive health immunity, boost, and lung health. All right, so there we go. That’s the sweet potato right there. Um, w now we’ll go to the fruit again. We don’t have ginger. We’re using the green juicing recipe book. I will be having my book pretty soon. Uh, got us finished working on a couple things. Um, let’s go water. Oh yeah, there is no watermelon in this book. That’s that’s another reason why I was sitting here or why I’m saying I need to do the book because the ginger and the watermelon won’t tell us any good nutrients. However, we know that both of those have nutrients. Let’s go to the Kiwi, vitamin C K and E full, late potassium. Anti-inflammation respiratory health, digestive health immunity, boost, eye health, blood pressure regulation. All right. So, Oh, Oh, it’s morning time. I’m going to put another one in here. I just, I just saw it. I apologize. And we’re going Apple, vitamin C potassium. Quercitin heart, weight loss, cancer prevention.

The Apple we are going to be using. We are going to be using, I think

This is a red delicious or red. Delicious. Excuse me. All right. So what I’m going to do, I’m going to cut the sweet potato, get the carrots prepared, uh, seed the Apple, kind of get the, this prepared. And I will see you back to show you how much juice comes out of each one of these particular artifacts or articles, whatever you want to call it. Pieces of vegetable or fruit.