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March 19 Morning Ingredients

Good morning. What we are going to be juicing today is that kind of look a little bit grapes, a red Apple, some celery, a beat I’m really doing the seller and the beat. Cause you can see the leaves are starting to die on me. So I’m thinking a few more days and there’ll be all the way dead yesterday. I enjoyed the sweet potato. So I think we might just add a sweet potato almost every morning. I enjoyed sweet. It’s good. Got a little carrot. And we got a little strawberry and of course we have our ginger. Now let’s go over to our trusty book,

The green Juicing recipe book, which is available on Amazon. Just let me know. All right, let’s go where we are.

Where are we going?

I don’t know if you guys can hear the wind, but it’s, it’s blowing pretty strong outside. All right. Let’s start with our fruit. So we’ve got great Apple cantaloupe, strawberry. So Apple, which is our red Apple vitamin C potassium. Quercitin heart health, weight loss, and cancer prevention. Now what? See cantaloupe.

Well, we don’t have it yet. I need to do this.

Eventually get to my book. Give me a minute where I just, I write out all the things that they don’t have in this book. So let’s go grapes, birth, Vitamin C and K potassium, cancer prevention, blood pressure regulation, chronic disease prevention.

That’s what those groups are doing for you. Now, remember we did not have the Mellon or the cantaloupe. Uh, we had, uh, the Apple, we had the grapes. Then here we go. We got strawberry vitamin C manganese, full late heart health, blood sugar, blue skews, me, sorry, blood sugar control and cancer prevention. Now let’s go over to our vegetables. This is our beautiful celery right here, which you can, or what puts vitamin C or K C N a full late potassium, digestive health anti-inflammation cholesterol, health, blood pressure regulation, and skin health. That’s what the celery does. Let’s check out this beautiful beat right here gives us full late magnesium potassium, blood pressure regulation, heart health, digestive health, and brain health. So right there, uh, again, trying to get my brain stimulated in the morning. So hopefully the beat will with that bloody water will help us. Uh, if this is your first video, the beat basically is going to change. The color of everything is going to become beat red beat. Right? All right. We got carrots, vitamin a C N B six, potassium I health skin health and cancer prevention. And what do we got? We’ve got the ginger, which we do not have yet. And we have the sweet potato

Vitamins, a and B and magnesium potassium like justice, health immunity, boost, and lung health. So like normal or over the last few days, what I’ve been doing is, uh, preparing the vegetables to go into our Mueller juicer. And just because it’s, I only have one hand, so it’s much easier to prepare everything and then grind it up for you with, and be able to film everything. So we will be back in just a second. Okay.