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March 19 Morning Juicing Process

All right. So here is our vegetables and fruit cut up. We’ve got our sweet potatoes. We’ll do that first. Then we’ll do our beets, which are right here. Then we’ll do our celery, our cantaloupe, our apples, our ginger, our grapes, our carrots. But first let’s start with our sweet potato. I did them in like kind of French fries today, opposed to the circulars, like yesterday, just to see if they cry, but if they cut better, [inaudible] most of our sweet potato. This is all we have left. We’ll pop that in there with our beets. Oh, I lied. There’s another small little fee’s gone right there. Uh, I don’t know if we’re supposed to throw the, the grass in there. [inaudible]

yeah, very much beat that time. It wasn’t as large as a beat, but you’ll see how it pretty much takes over the color of the drink. Now we will go. Um, really doesn’t matter what we, what we kind of grind up next. We’ll we’ll just kind of throw some things in there. We’ll go. Strawberries. You saw, I just throw a little bit of the little ginger in there. The ginger isn’t really going to make a difference, but it gives it a little bit of a, a small taste. that was a decent amount of [inaudible]. I didn’t know that I’m going to jump all over, but my apologies, I guess I really do have to stop it. We’re going to do an apples. Well, lost a soldier. Not picking it up, dude. I assume some of this, some carrot [inaudible] no, obviously the character at warrants. All right. And that’s all she wrote. That’s all the best find you. We, we lost half an Apple, but that’s okay. I’m not going to pick it up and put it in here. That’s going to go to the trash and there we go for our morning drink. I will see you in just a minute. Once we drink it and we have our little discussion.