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March 17 Morning Juicing Process

I want to make a quick bonus video so you can kind of see how disappointing this machine is at times. So I filled in my blackberries. You can see them down there. There’s my raspberries, my grapes. So that you would think that would give us a decent amount of juice. Since literally, if you were to just munch, all those berries, you, you would be able to fill up a nice cup, but let’s see what happens. And then, then I’m going to show you the cucumber and you’re going to be like, what? Yeah,

All those berries gave us that much juice. It looks like it. The juice is just splattered all over the place. So this is what frustrates me with this machine because I really could’ve just mushed them all myself, and probably got more. Now let’s take the cucumber now again, We’ll Watch the spicket kind of like a, like a hose and make sure I got, there you go like a hose.

you see what I’m saying?

Now? That is a big difference on the managers. Look how much juice is there now? Right? So, When I talk about things, that’s, that’s more or less when I’m talking about, um,

Yeah. Then just bear with me, the apples out there have to do on a different time, but, and then I’m going to show you, this is the color greens. So we’re going to stuff, this whole thing. Bear with me. If the camera’s juggling around, I apologize. So we’re going to stop this whole thing. Now, this is gonna cause you know, lettuce, c’mon, there’s nothing in let’s call a greens, but water, right? At least in theory because the lettuce, at least when you’re cutting it like this, I don’t think it does very well. But when you’re doing the lettuce, right, a lettuce gives you a lot, but this is kind of disappointed.

So those are our collard greens. Um, yeah. I’m going to show you. I can do it. Where’d I put my knife around here somewhere. There it goes. So when you’re doing an Apple, right? Yeah. Cut it in half and then kind of dig the seeds out. Mind you, this is

Here. Water is right there. Hopefully you guys can see me. I just need two hands to dig this out

Real quick. Just kind of take the pit out. So you have no scenes, you, same thing with the pear.

All right. Hopefully that wasn’t that bad of a video with doing that. Now let me show you that apples. So this is our red Apple

But that was pretty disappointing. You kind of get what I’m saying. It’s kinda like the vegetables. Give you more water than the fruit. All right. Talk to you later. We’ll see you in a second. When I drink the juice.