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March 17 Fitness

Well, the run, the run wasn’t wasn’t very good. I will say that I did run three miles, but I ran it at at five. So it took me 36 minutes, but you know, I still ran three miles, so that’s really all that matters. Um, I think I have turned, turned a corner though. The, the workout part is much easier, then I would have expected, um,

It doesn’t ache anymore. Like not like a, has never really ached, but let me, uh, let me see if I can articulate what I’m trying to say before. It was more of a struggle, like kind of a struggle tiredness after now. It’s more of a building tiredness after if that makes sense. So are my muscles tired? Yeah, but they’re not tired. Like, uh, they have been in the past, right? They’re they’re tired. Yes. But they’re, it’s like they’re growing tired. Right. I feel, and they feel good, tired. So which, which is good. Cause, um, like I said, what it’s been about two weeks since we raised the weight and it’s feeling better, not worse. Like, um, like, especially cause my cardio’s not, not getting any better. It’s kind of staying stagnant, but my arms, you know, and my stomach and my chest is getting bigger, which is always nice.

Right. So as long as I keep progressing, right? Not every day, are you going to have be perfect, but as long as we study progress, as long as we study move forward, that’s all we can really ask for. Right. So that’s the main thing that I’m trying to do is just steady, steady, move forward, steady progress. And in this life and in what we’re doing, excuse me. Um, yeah. Uh, I don’t really have too much to say at the very moment. Um, just keep going. Uh, I take a shower and my nose feels like I’m about to sneeze. So that’s what I’m kind of slowly talking, trying to avoid the sneeze. All right. So just keep going, uh, progress kind of the same thing every day. Today’s like I said, today was a little bit better. Um, when it comes to working out, uh, again, we still have the end of this week and then then one more week.

And then in the beginning of April, we’re start kind of moving up. We’re just trying to get our, our body’s accustomed to where we are, try to conquer that minimum of 5.5. If we can, if not, you know, as long then a, we gotta run every day because we’re going to run three miles every single day. So if it takes us 30 minutes, then good. A that’s great. If it takes us 36 minutes, then Hey, that’s great. We’re still going to run three miles every single day. So just cause we’re running at a slower speed doesn’t mean that we’re running a smaller distance, right? So I need that to be, need that to go through each and every one of your guys’ head, just because we’re running at a slower distance, like at a slower speed that does not give you the right to look, to run a shorter distance. Right? So our distance is three miles right now. And if you have to walk the three miles and it takes you 20 minutes to walk a mile, so, well then you’re going to be on that treadmill for an hour. Right? Our goal is three miles. So don’t let anything stop you three miles every single day.

All right. Talk to you later.

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