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March 16 Fitness

Excuse me today. It was a weird day. It really was, uh, the entire time on the treadmill.

If I were to stop right at the end of the treadmill and made this video, I would have been saying today was a terrible day. It was extremely difficult. I was out of breath majority of the time. It’s just, my body was just blah. Right. It was, it was, I was just tired all day. Right. It was the truth. Nothing was feeling good about myself. Right. I was heavy. Had a lot of phlegm in my throat. I mean, I must have spit a hundred times. I’m just trying to like, even right now, my mouth is, it doesn’t even feel like it’s, it’s dry. It just feels like it’s one big, uh, phlegm ball. That’s just sticky. Right?


That was difficult. I’m not going to lie. I broke my rule. All right. We’re at so far, I’m not very good at it. Right. It’s supposed to keep 5.5. Well, I tried at 5.7 and my body wasn’t having it. I was just dying and everything. So I was like, you know what?

We just have to stay on a mill. So we stayed on the treadmill at five. Did I end up going three miles on that treadmill today? Yes, I did. So I made the three miles, but I did not, uh, uphold what I was supposed to and run at least 5.5. But as long as I make three miles. Okay. Cause we’ll consistently day by day. Get better, little by little, right? So it’s a journey or it’s a marathon, not a sprint. So with that being said, at that point in time, if you had talked to me, I would have been like, man, I’m dead, tired is terrible. But then something weird happened. I was working out or doing the second half a little workout and it was pretty easy.

Like what?

Like, wait a minute. I thought you said you were extremely tired. Yeah, I was. So that’s why I’m surprised just as, as much as, as anyone else I’m dead tired. Barely can make it 30 minutes and then do the workout. And it’s probably the easiest it’s been.


I mean it shocked the hell out of me as well. Right? Like how am I, how’s the way easier today on a day that I was tired and was basically convincing myself on a second by second basis to keep going. Not a minute by minute basis. Cause I was, I was clock watching today. Um, thank God I had something that was nine. I was watching a video that was nine step video or something like that, uh, by David Goggins, uh, linked to his, his book or whatever. Um, yeah, so I had no desire or, or I’m glad I was listening to him his little, because it was 21 minutes and it was, it was him going through nine different steps. So my reasoning behind picking that was, I won’t be curious on here number five, six, seven, eight, nine. So as long as I can make it through like four or five, then my curiosity will kill the cat.

Right. And I’ll kill the, the tiredness. So that’s, that’s what I ended up doing. That’s what got me through it. But yeah, after, I mean, I ended up doing more curls, more pushups, you know, not a whole bunch more, just like, well, two more. Right. I didn’t have my, why am I a superhuman now? Uh, my Superman, but whatever. Right. Still did it. And uh, I felt good. So I, my body’s tightening it up. I think we’ll still kind of on schedule. Uh, we need to add another set. I know blah-blah-blah we need to add another step before the end of this month. So April we can start adding, uh, another depart or kinda like the legs. We’ll just do like led curls. It’ll be easy, no squats yet. So it would literally take us maybe five or not even five minutes. We might have to listen to two songs opposed to just one after the treadmill. Right. Cause if you really think about it now, I want you to also think about this for all the people that have excuses. Right. I think I’ve talked about this before for all the people that have excuses that they can’t do something. Excuse me. I have something in my eye.


You know the song she dropped up bomb on me, baby. [inaudible] it’s by the gap band I’m I’m well, that’s what the YouTube videos, as you know, I was able to do both sets during that song and drink a water. So I was able to do a set walk over to my, my desk, drink a little bottle of water, come back, you know, shake my arms out a little bit and do my second set, put the weights down, get myself prepared to do pushups and then did pushups. And the song ended on pushup number five. So if you do not have time to work out, please look in the mirror and just say, I’m a liar. Say it just like that. I’m a liar because there is no possible way that you cannot find, I think it’s fours four minutes. So it’s not even the 10 minutes. It’s four minutes. And I’ve been able to do two sets and drink water. If you cannot find four minutes in your day, you need to look in the mirror and say, I’m a liar. And we’re going to leave at that.

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