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March 18 Fitness

So that was a good day. Um, the, the actual, like workout part of it’s getting easier and easier, um, yeah. That part’s getting super easy, which is good, which is, I mean, that’s amazing. I don’t have a like larger set. I only have 27th and then I have sixties and I’m nowhere near sixties right now. So I’m going to have to plan on buying, um, some weights to increase the weight, but I’ll probably just buy over the bar and some sideways so I can increase my weight, however I want. And then also use the plates for other parts of the workout. I will let you know once I do that. So just bear with me and I’ll let you know, um, the run run was, it was challenging in the beginning. It was, it was really challenging in the beginning. Um, but then once I started getting into it, I, uh, maybe about four or five minutes in, I, I was like, you know what, Eric, you got to get to 5.5, at least try.

So I did, I increased the speed from five to 5.5 and then ran the entire time at 5.5, which is an increase. It’s not a lot, but it’s still an increase and, uh, how I was able to do it. So I ran three miles in 32 minutes. I’m still walking backwards. So that’s, I need to work on that. I’m being lazy there. Um, but whatever, still maintaining about 20 miles within, you know, plus, or minus two minutes on the bike, it really depends. Sometimes. Like if I’m in something that’s good, then like I’m watching a show, a program that’s really good. Um, then it goes, then I’m faster. Right. But if I’m watching something that’s interesting, but not really interesting. I’ve noticed I slowed down like, uh, my speeds is slows down and it’s, it’s, it’s much more, uh, of a challenge to ride the bike.

Uh, but you know, that’s, that’s, that’s typical, right? When you’re having fun, you don’t realize time, but when you’re bored or you’re watching the clock time goes by, uh, it’s almost like time doesn’t even go by. It’s almost like it it’s, it feels like it stands still. So for me to say, watching a good program time goes by faster. Just makes perfect sense. And it’s the same thing when I’m running as well. So when you’re doing this, it’s, it’s very imperative. You find something good to watch on, on the, I tend to try and I don’t listen to music, right? I, well, that’s a lie the morning times don’t listen to music. It’s always an educational program. Something I’m learning the afternoon. It’s when I’m running. It really is case by case, depending on the motivation right now. Um, I’m really into, uh, listening to just the motivational. I mean, YouTube motivation on YouTube, and that’s kind of where I’m at,

Uh, like

Never quit or challenge yourself or whatever, you know, something, something cheesy, but it works got kind of music in the background, a whole bunch of people with different pictures. So it’s picture stimulating. And then when the people are talking, I kind of just focus down to the ground. If they’re saying, if it’s something that I like, but if it’s something that’s boring, then I usually, I just find something that I enjoy. And those are usually anywhere from a 10 to 20 minutes, which is good. Cause I’m only trying to run 30 minutes. So I might watch a trashy TV for a few minutes. What I mean by trashy TV is like what? Michael Jordan spent his billion dollars on, right. Or the top 10 biggest houses, trash TV. I’m not learning anything when I watch that, but it’s entertaining it. And you know, those are about anywhere from five to 10 minutes.

So I’ll pop one of those on, and then I’ll watch my motivation. Uh, I need to start, um, going back to school on the run, like really, truly just focus on educational programs. Um, uh, if you remember, probably about a month ago, I was watching the ClickFunnels like funnel Fridays, but then they got monotonous really fast. So watch two of them. It’s like, you’ve watched them all. It’s kind of the same concept over and over again. It’s actually, there’s 50 something, maybe even more like 80. And somehow I ended up watching the same one that I’d already watched before. And then I looked again and I tried for a different one and it was another one that I’ve watched before. So either the Google algorithm or the YouTube algorithms not working very well or the funnel Fridays is difficult to find. So I’m not going to continuously watch the same thing over and over and over and over again.

And they’re kind of monotonous. Like I said, they it’s more or less talk, talk, talk, talk, talk, talk, build something kind of talk, talk, talk, talk, talk, talk, and then they’re done. Right? So it doesn’t, it’s not the greatest of programs it’s, it’s entertaining kind of, uh, I would like to see more, more of the work behind not like set the program up, like, cause just having the front page, does it just building a lead page? So you’re not really building the funnel, you’re just building the lead page and it’s it’s different. But again, if there was more of a more, if I didn’t keep watching the same one, uh, or YouTube, didn’t keep throwing the same basic one in front of me. Maybe I’d be more interested, but however, I’m going on a tangent, uh, I’m not even sweating anymore. Right. So we’re gonna cut the camera on. Now I’m gonna take shower and stay motivated.

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