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Juicing March 23 Am Test

All right. Let’s get to the nitty gritty. This is what we look like. So it looks like we got a little bit of foam at the top. Let’s try to fish that foam out. Cause you know, I don’t like, Oh no, no, no, that’s not foam. That’s way too sloppy. Or it goes off the spoon too fast. I’ll show you for people that don’t know her. This is your first time seeing this. Uh, I’ll give you an example on a different video, obviously, because when ever I have the foam, you’ll see it. And you understand what I mean by that? It’s not that bad a foam. I can, that’s drinkable the other type of foam. Uh, it’s really foamy and it’s, it’s not, not drinkable. Alright, so just to quickly recap, what’s in here. Um, watermelon, cantaloupe, honeydew, strawberries, broccoli, and carrots. Let’s see how it tastes. I’m not really very nervous about this is I almost pretty much know this is going to be really sweet. So I’m like the wake up this morning with some, with some, uh, you know, like some sugar, sugar water.

I was really disappointed. I was really disappointed. I’m not a cantaloupe fan actually. Honestly, I’m not a melon fan period. Um, I don’t like watermelon by itself. I don’t see the point. And it was what’d you drink some water, uh, Mellon. I like the green melon. I’ve never, well, uh, cantaloupe by itself is disgusting to me. And then honeydew never didn’t doesn’t look very appealing. So if you enjoy any of those flavors, this is amazing, right? Uh, for me, let’s try it again. I was hoping the strawberries would be a little stronger

All right. That, that that’s Walla was better than the first, the first one was overbearing with a carrot, a little flavor, which I’d like all three of those, actually. I don’t know. I’ve never had honeydew is I can’t recall what it tastes like. So out of the two of them watermelon or cantaloupe, I would prefer watermelon. So I know we’re not, not going down off the rim there. I only had two choices, you know, here at Watermill or animal, which one’s better a watermelon. However, this tastes a lot like cantaloupe, like, ah, hold on. Let’s do it again. Interesting. I wanted to say I tasted something different. I’m not sure. It’s almost, it’s almost like every time I take a swallow, I’m tasting like a different array of flavor. All right, got it. No, my hair’s getting kind of long, but keep it growing now. Um, it’s a very different, I don’t know this is different. Cause some, sometimes it tastes like cantaloupe. Other times. It doesn’t,

Seeing the stickiness factor, you know, cause the sugar, um, no, not very much sugar, not stickiness. You know, it’ll probably be good in here. I was, that was a Baden it too. But I, I knew I was going to run out of space with the juice is sweet potato. I think the sweet potato would give it a different kind of consistency. Little, little talk here. And then just the flavor of the sweet potato, I think could be a little bit better. I’m not sure though. I mean, this goes down extremely easy, right? So I mean there’s no, it’s not really granny at all. It’s very smooth. It’s I wouldn’t, I wouldn’t say refreshing yet. Right.

I Think it was yesterday or the day before. And I was like, man, this is a refreshing drink. It’s not there, but it is something that like you could, you could, I could drink this every day. I mean, not every day, probably every other day. Cause just every day would be monotonous, but every, I could probably drink this maybe about three or four times a week, like this same concoction and be fine with it. Um, the after effects. Um, yes that’s yes, I forgot. Yesterday was the first day that we are, we are in the middle of trying to create our own energy drink. Um, a natural energy drink with the theory behind that a mantra energy has 50 grams of sugar or something. So with that theory in mind, I’m kinda like, well, I can just put a whole bunch of natural sugar together and see what happens.

So that’s, that’s kinda what I’m attempting to do is just shoot myself for sugar. Since that’s basically what an energy drink is, is just sugar water and or sugar syrup, right. Which is even worse. Um, that’s the intention. Uh, yesterday I will, this is what happened. I drank it. I didn’t, I did not have, uh, after the fact, I didn’t, I didn’t feel like anything happened until I started talking about it. And then I noticed a couple of different differences. I bought an energy drink yesterday as well, but it’s still sitting in the fridge. I opened it everything, but I only drank maybe three or four sips and I was fine. Like my mind was able to work. Uh, even last night I was able to function. I didn’t take a drink last night or I didn’t make a enter or a water drink or vegetable drink. However, I’m starting to,

I Don’t want to say I’m starting to feel the effects of drinking the juice, but I am noticing differences. I’m noticing like, uh, finally it’s it started. I think my body’s starting to transition over and it’s starting to get it used to all these nutrients and everything. So we’ll keep that in mind. Keep that on, uh, on the side burner and we’ll know as we continuously do this, um, hopefully you guys notice maybe my skin getting better. Um, I don’t know, just any small little notices that you notice, then just keep that in the back of your head. Like, okay. Maybe, maybe it’s working. All right. Oh no, excuse me. Let’s get back to our juice.

Tastes like again, I taste that cantaloupe. I don’t really taste any other distinct flavor, but the cantaloupe, I think, like I said, the sweet potato would be good with the melons in which I almost, I have to, you know, consume a piece melons. So I think during lunch or during the energy drink, we’re going to kind of see how this does. I want to, I got to go to the store. I want to get some bok choy. Cause it’s, I guess it’s good for your brain. And then, uh, no that’s for the oranges and more citrusy fruit. So I’m going to try to, I got to figure out, cause that’s, that’s going to be a, uh, a push of straight sugar and uh, hopefully the block Choi will give me the sugar and the enlightenment. Right. That’s in theory. Uh, let’s get back to this. I got a minute left. Yeah. If you could see me drink it that fast and that easy, you know, it’s not bad. Right. Um,

I think

Again, the only, the only change I would probably make to this, uh, this particular concoction is just adding the sweet potato. Um, yeah. Other than that, just, just so just the sweet potato would probably give it a little bit more of a starchy feel to it a little, give it a little bit thicker consistency. But other than that, it’s just, I mean, it’s good. I could drink, like I said, three to four times a week,

We’re getting close to the undrinkable part, but uh, I’m gonna try and get as much as I can.

I mean, yeah, there’s a little bit left, but it’s more or less foam as you saw. So stay up then enjoy it and see you in a few hours when it’s time for our homemade energy drink. All right. Talk to you later.