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Juicing March 23 Noon Test

Welcome back. All right. So this is our drink. Um, I feel like there’s a little bit of foam up on top, so it’s not very bad.

Just get it off. All right. Now I’m just being

Overzealous. Alright, let’s give it a nice little stir.

I can smell the cucumber. The cucumber is very strong.

Put some seltzer water in here, but, uh, as you see it, there’s not enough space. I miscalculated my fruit and that will really, yeah, really my fruit. It’s just the melons. The melons are amazing. They’re great. But you’re going to just have Mellon. All right. Uh, the watermelon, the cantaloupe. I got some other kind of funny Mellon, but first I got to get through these theory melons first, and then I got another minibar watermelon. So we’re going to be having melons for a few days until I get really tired of them. All right. Let’s give this a try. Oh, first, first, I’m sorry. Sorry. Let’s let’s recap. What’s in this. All right. So we started off with oranges. No, well lemons then oranges. And that was with our venti whatever machine. And then with our Mueller machine, whatever, uh, we have some cucumber, some sweet potato is watermelon cantaloupe and honeydew.


So let’s see. Let’s see how it is.

I don’t know.

I don’t know. That’s that is a lot of last a lot going on, right there is to say like, Whoa, that’s a lot going on. I mean, let me try it again. Hi, it’s this is difficult. It tastes like everything and tastes like nothing at the same time. It’s it’s hard to explain. Um, I gotta, I gotta do it again. I’m sorry.

Like, I can tell the oranges, the oranges for some reason. And if you paid attention to the other video and saw me put how much orange juice that is actually in here, you’d be surprised. There’s not very much orange in lemon juice in here, but it is, you can, it’s a distinct flavor in here. Like it’s,

There’s a lot going on, man.

I have like my mouth

It’s sticky,

Like orange juice and lemonade. Right? So that’s that’s justifiable. That makes sense. I can’t can’t can’t get frustrated with the stickiness cause it’s, it’s literally supposed to do that. Um,

Hold on.

This is a difficult one. You know what? I bet you would be better. It again, I like strawberry. So what if I had some strawberry, like some strawberry juice in here would be pretty good?

I don’t know. So, all right. So the bulk of the water, or excuse me, I’m sorry. You can’t see what I’m talking about. The bulk of the fluid in here is of our Mellon. All right. Is our melons are watermelon cantaloupe in our, in our, um, honeydew, right? So that’s where majority of our, our, our, like water’s coming from, but I don’t taste any, like before I, and other drinks I’ve been able to taste the cantaloupe and maybe the honeydew, but with this, not at all, not at all, the, the orange is really overbearing. Um,

Hold on. All right. When I was doing,

I could taste the cucumber, But, uh, the lemon and the orange, like the citrusy kind of like stickiness in my mouth after there that’s strong, but this, I don’t know.

This is St your drink.

I’m not going to say it’s bad. I cannot say it’s bad. It’s actually, it’s, it’s pretty good. It’s almost getting stronger. No, no, that would make sense. Cause the, I was about to say it’s almost getting stronger, like more orangy and more lemony. The closer to the bottom that we’re getting. Well, obviously Eric, because that’s where all the orange and the lemon juice is at the bottom, but yeah, like it’s getting like much more orangy and lemony, much more citrusy towards the bottom, towards the bottom. Excuse me.

I had forgotten until I took that last sip because I could see the bottom. And if you’ve seen other episodes or volumes, whatever you wanna call this, uh, you’ll see that I have, um, like what sweet potato. There’s kind of like a white filming stuff at the bottom. I kind of start to look and with this at the bottom, it’s there as well. So we know when was the sweet petard sweet potato, just kind of disintegrates onto the bottom. Um, That’s could also, that could be the other like underlying factor what’s going on in my mouth, right? With the stickiness and then kind of the sweet potato dryness. It’s like, I’m telling you, this is, this is a world of different flavor right here.

But let’s not forget the most important part of this experiment is that we’re looking for a boost in energy, you know, give it like 20, 30 minutes. Cause this is a lot of juice so that it kind of go through my system like P one good one time where I’ll be on the treadmill and have to go to the bathroom, um, Using this experiment to, to boost our energy naturally opposed to going to the store and buying energy.

I mean, it’s good. I don’t have any complaints, no complaints, man. No complaints at all.

It’s it’s good. Not often. Do you see me try to get every last drop, right? This is good enough for I’m trying to get every last drop besides the or the phone, like I’m not going to drink the phone, but this is good.

Can’t do the rest of it’s phone. All right.

Either later on today or tomorrow, I’ll give you the results. See you next time.