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March 17 Afternoon Taste Testing

All right. Welcome back. There we go with our juice. Remember we just drank or a lot of this is a watermelon or like the little mini Mellon let’s get the stir on. No, I really truly was not trying to have this much. I honestly, I have no desire to drink this much of a vegetable juice. However, the watermelon, uh, is basically half of this. Hopefully, like I said, hope fully. Um, I didn’t screw it all up. When, when I was mushing up the skin of the watermelon. Now, if the skin of the watermelon tastes anything like the skin of a, an orange or a lemon, then this is probably going to be really disgusting. But if it, if it doesn’t then it’s probably not that bad Smells kinda like, um, dirt

It tastes a lot better than it smells a lot better. It has that, um, I can taste the ginger or it has the ginger spice, but I can also kind of taste the pepper as well. Um, I do wonder how the mixing of the vegetables, like which ones you do first affects the flavor, because as you see, when, if you watch the last video, which was, I mean, I apologize. Cause it was horrendous of where I was mushing everything up or, you know, whatever, grinding, everything up, whatever you want to call it. Um, you’ll see, like there’s a distinct, um, distinct different layers to each vegetable. Each one that you, you put down or you grind up, they won’t even when you then like it’s, what’s kinda cool. Cause you, you start seeing them shift and there’s different colors, obviously.


So I don’t know if you saw the size of the ginger. I put it in this time. It was a, about this size. It was, um, about the size a little bit bigger than a Hershey’s kiss. All right. Which that was that’s decent size. Aye. Aye. Any smaller than that, it’s a waste. You don’t taste it, but about that size, it gives it, uh, the aroma at least one. Yeah, it has the aroma of a ginger and then it also kind of gives that gingery kind of burn. If that makes sense. Uh, in the drink, the pepper, I’m not tasting the pepper as much as I did the first time. I think the Ginger’s over a little bit overbearing and it’s taking over the flavor of the, of the pepper. However, um, I could be wrong. I could be, it could be just complimenting it perfectly and that’s, what’s giving it that extra spice. Right.

I mean, I really can’t complain. It has that. It has the ginger flavor. That’s that’s really nice. Um, watermelon does not have that. Citrus-y tangy tart D uh, flavor, like the peel. I don’t taste the peel at all.

Excuse me. Um, no, I really don’t taste it. Um, this is it’s a lot. Mind you I’m drinking a lot of vegetables. She’s right now. I w I don’t know if I already mentioned it. I’m not trying to have this much vegetable juice, um, at every city. Cause it’s, it’s a little excessive because I already drink a good amount of water throughout the day. So this is it’s bloating my stomach up. Um, however, and if it’s gross, then like having to drink the whole liter of it’s terrible, but you know, I half a liter then it’s like, all right, I got to do it. I got him drinking, but it’s, but it’s not that this, uh, I know what F like lettuce, so it’s crazy. Obviously watermelon was going to give us a lot it’s waters, literally in what it’s called watermelon. But did you, if you got to watch another video, but bok choy, bok choy gives a lot. And then, uh, on another video I’m going to show is squat or squash squash, and it gives it like, it’s this, it’s also kind of cool to see what, what color drink I’m going to be drinking. Cause the top, you can’t really see top of this, but it’s, and, um, I’ll end up spilling all over the place, but the top is orange, like a carrot. And then in between it it’s a dark or a dark green, uh,

I don’t want to say vomit green because I don’t want anyone to vomit, but it has a different color green. It’s not money green. It’s not forest green is kind of like in between, it was kind of yellowish orange screen. I felt the pepper on that one. Woo.

Yeah, yeah. That peppers in there. And I think that’s exactly what it is, is, um, the ginger and the pepper are complimenting each other because wow. It wasn’t, it wasn’t, it was just shocking. Right. I can still feel it right here. Um, maybe whatever I, maybe I, I drank, uh, one of the little seeds, you know, you know how it gets crushed up. Seeds are sometimes a little bit more potent than the rest of the pepper, but I mean, I’m not going to say that it was bad. I can’t say whatever flavor, you know, I just had was terrible. It was just unexpected.


Is he, I don’t know if you pay attention. That’s fine. I was expecting the unexpected that go around and I expected nothing and I got nothing, a little disappointing, but whatever

It had to have been that one that’s, it’s really weird. Let me show you where I’m at. It had to been that one, that one, uh, goal really, truly cause I’m going to use seen after, and it didn’t choke me up or any of that. So it was, I must have really just drank a seed or something. I’m not sure I was weird. Cause I, like I said, I can, I can taste the ginger. Right. It’s not overbearing. But that one, that one sip that I had was wow, I was overbearing, but what I took sips before, nothing and I’ve taken sips after nothing. So it was just, uh, an outlier and, and I not moly. I shouldn’t have ate, I had a little bit to eat before I did this, which is kind of forcing me to struggle to get this down just because I wasn’t on an empty stomach. So it wasn’t like starving. So it’s like, again, having a drink, an entire leader of this is, uh, it’s feeling. It really is. It’s feeling it’ll fill you up. I mean, especially if you had a little bit to eat before this. Yeah. This is a lot.

Okay. I was doing breathing funny for a reason. I wasn’t like hyperventilating or anything. I was trying to like breathe in fast to see if I could get more of the flavor and I could, that’s why I said, okay, I could taste the ginger a little bit better. Um, Yeah, I got one more good sip of this Sydney and then I’m going to cut the camera. Uh, just cause I’m, I am full and I’m not going to just keep stuffing myself, um, for a video.

It’s a good mix. Talk to you later.