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March 18 Morning Taste Test

Welcome back. Got our morning juice. What do we got? We got watermelon. Sweet potato. Just in case you forget. I tend to forget. So don’t worry if you did, man. I already forgot watermelon. Sweet potato carrot, Apple, a little bit of grapes and some ginger. I think that’s it. I might be something else in there. Ana watch the other video Gives a nice little stir. Let me, let me see.

See, good.

So the smell smells like a dirt because the sweet potato, ah, man, that’s what I forgot to put it in here or rutabaga or know a beat, a beat. That’s what I’m supposed to be. Cause my beat is going old. I had three, so I got to do that for lunch or when I I’m going to try to, uh, create another energy drink today since I got the cold air correct equipment where it doesn’t taste like the orange peel. Right. So I’m quite excited about this because, uh, I was spending too much money on energy drinks for trying not to have energy drinks. If that makes sense. All right.

I am however, a little nervous about this one. I don’t know why. I don’t know. I think it’s, I think it has a hundred percent to do with the color. All right. Cause the wa it’s mostly watermelon and watermelon. Sweet. Well, sweet potato is actually not the bat, but watermelon is mostly watermelon. I can’t lie. It’s pretty good. I can taste the ginger. Um, also I put the ginger on at the very top, so very last. So that could be part of the reason I taste a lot of large ginger just cause I probably just drink ginger, but uh, taken, uh, the shell off of the watermelon so far so good. That was a good idea. Um, it’s actually, it’s a pretty refreshing drink, right? So maybe not like the four morning time for my purpose. It’s perfect. Right. But let me try again. Yeah, yeah. This is a, put a couple of ice cubes in there. You could put the little, the little umbrella in there. This is more like a tropical drink. Right. Which is really weird since, since there’s nothing really tropical in here. And if you want to consider a watermelon tropical. Okay. But you know, sweet potato and carrot and some ginger, um, doesn’t scream top tropical to me. However this drink. It’s the perfect sweetness. I guess I’m going to try again. Hold on.

Yeah. Yeah. That’s a winner.

That is a winner right there. You guys gotta try this one. I mean maybe you guys won’t like it. It has that little tardiness that I was talking about before. Last time I had a sweet potato, but in a, like, this is really it’s. This is, this is, let me try again. There you go. This is sweet. Like the natural sugars of things.

Let me try something.

And a lot of it has to do with the watermelon. Honestly, truthfully I, majority of this has to do with the watermelon. I don’t know if you all remember or if you watch the other video, but a lot of Jews came out of that watermelon and the carrots, the carrots are always, the carrots always get me in for the carrots because in my mind, I don’t think of carrots as being sweet, but when you’re drinking the juice, they’re really sweet. I guess that’s why they have carrot cake. Right? Cause carrot carrots are surprisingly sweet. Right? Would have no, I, if you were to just show me a carrot there, no idea. Um, I’m in a process of doing about four different little projects. But if I, once I get to it, this is probably may right. It’s we’re in March right now. So I’m just going to be fully, completely honest. We’re top we’re talking. Excuse me. We’re probably talking. May-ish when I’m going to get around to creating my major, major book around this. So it’s going to be hundreds of different recipes. There’ll be every recipe that I’ve made thus far and then going in better depth of, um, the vegetables. Because if you’ve noticed the book I’ve had, if you’ve watched some of the other parts or even watched the beginning of this, um,

It’s very generic. I guess it’s not made for IX like exotic fruit. It’s not, it’s very basic, right? I wanna, I’m one of those types of people, like there’s like a hundred different types of apples. You can’t tell me each Apple is the same. Right? I don’t believe it. Some apples are tart. Some apples are sweet. So I want to understand the difference. Okay. So if the difference of each Apple, so if I’m in this situation, I need to eat the green Apple. If I’m in this situation over here, I need to eat the, the red delicious or whatever. And then look at how many different types of, of, of cucumbers are or there’s different sizes. There’s different like flavors. There’s the pickling cucumbers. There’s the salad cucumbers. There’s the Persian cucumbers. There’s the little D the, the, the, the bumpy crew cumber. So each one of these cucumbers, it has to be a little bit different, right?

So I want to go in full depth. This is what, this is the part that’s going to take forever. Now, you know, come with these drinks and the recipes, that’s going to be easier. And I might, that’d be my beat, just be one book in and of itself. And then I’m Eric Johnson version of vegetables. Cause if I really get into it, then I’m gonna like try to do a full in depth project process and probably be a whole book off of it. And just go over each, each cucumber, this cucumber, this could be, I’m sorry. I’m, I’m going off into my book a little bit too much. And I know it’s a tangent. I apologize. You’re probably like Eric to shut up, drink the juice. So I’m gonna shut up and drink Some juice.

Yeah. Yeah. This is surprisingly good. It really is. Um, my concern is what some of this stuff is really thick. All right. So that’s just my stir stick.

All right. So here’s the knife.

Um, I’m also having problems with, uh, my sink and I got to figure out what I want to do with throwing away all this waste. Um, cause it’s not really waste. So what we’re going to do, I’m probably, if I get my tractor back and about a week, got a John Deere. Um, no, before April. So we got two weeks, excuse me. So in about two weeks, I’ll have my, my tractor back. And then what I’m going to do is that this might be really stupid. It might be the best thing since sliced bread. I’m a plow up a little plot, cause I’m gonna have my garden. Like you usually do. And I’m going to start taking these clippings of, or like the grind, the ground up stuff that from the juicer. And I’m going to use that as fertilizer, right? I’m going to try to get off of miracle grow and all this other stuff. Cause I don’t believe in it. Um, it’s not that I don’t believe in it. Let me get it wrong. I don’t want as many chemicals in my body as there are. Right. I don’t trust.


All the different chemicals. We don’t know how, what that would do to us in 20, 30 years. So I don’t trust it quite as much and I want to go real, truly organic. I mean, how organic can you go when you’re, if your fertilizer is mushed up vegetables and I, I w if I was fishing, I’d put fish hex and the, excuse me, fish heads there, but I don’t. So I won’t, and we’re at 10 minutes. So I’m going to drink this real quick and contact camera. The rest is that foam. So we’re going to leave it right there again. It was great. Um, see if you can see at the bottom, Uh, I don’t know if you can see there’s, it’s kind of whitish down there. It’s and that’s what I mean by with the sweet potato is kind of starchy. I know it looks like I left a lot, but you go ahead and drink it if you want to, but that’s all that creamy foam. It’s not the greatest. I’ll throw it away. See you later cut the camera.