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March 21 Morning Juicing Process

All right, here we go. We got our watermelon, our Apple, our asparagus or lettuce, and our squash. Let’s start with the asparagus. Very much, but you know, it was all right. Let’s do our lettuce. Now. You could probably be more great, more graceful than I am and just stuffing it in there, but whatever [inaudible], let’s go down for a little bit. Got a little bit of crumbs over here. We’re just throw the little looseness. I wonder how this is there. A, why not? All right now, we’re going to kind of just toss the rest of this in there. Some watch her Mellon and hopefully in theory, that’s going to give us a lot more juice in theory, first time I’ve done watermelon so I could be completely wrong and it could be disappointing. Like some other fruits that was a decent amount. What do you guys think?

Remember, we’re doing a half a watermelon, so, and part of the reason we’re doing half a watermelon, I bought three big wa I bought two watermelons. I thought one was different. But it wasn’t, they were both mini watermelons once it’s smaller than the other one. And then I still have the cantaloupe. So if I don’t mush this stuff, then it’s going to rot in the fridge, but I don’t eat it by herself. So it’s better to make the juice out of it then the wished it. Yeah, man. Watermelon, watermelon. All right. Well, Oh, I would say I’m pretty good at guesstimating. How much vegetables are going to, how much juice is going to be coming out of my vegetables? Cause we would use everything that I picked out and we were basically basically there. All right. See you in a minute while we drink our new concoction.

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