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Juicing Day Six Morning Concoction

Good morning, we’ll beat the sun up this morning, drinking our juice. All right. So today we got a pair. We got, I’m pretty sure this is papaya zucchini, spinach, a little bit of ginger and carrots. Now, I don’t know it was last night, watched the video last night. Uh, I’m not exactly sure what ingredient I put in last night, but the focus I had, I mean, it was actually counterproductive. I was supposed to be trying to go to sleep, but whatever drink I made last night had me kind of O awake. So not sure what it was. We’re going to take the ginger. And we had some spinners last night. So since we mixed a whole bunch of things last night, we kind of have to take one at a time and mix one of them. You know, we’ll, we’re mixing two of them at all, three of them that we had last night to see what it is now.

The new ingredients that we had last night was to chop, what is it? What was it called? Bok choy, where the bok choy last night and the beat. And then we also have some ginger and some spinach in last night. So we’re taking the spin, the spinners and the ginger right now tomorrow morning or mid day, because what I’ve noticed is mid day, I got another energy drink yesterday and I looked at how many, how much sugar. It is like 53 grams of added sugar, which is just ridiculous. So that, but knowing that, that gives us a leeway that gives us a lot of sugary fruits that we can combine together. And that will still probably give us less amount of sugar than that one energy drink. I don’t know if you followed me, hopefully you did. What that also tells us is this is something last night gave me a boost in energy.

So we’re gonna, we’re just going to experiment. All right, let’s get down. We’re gonna experiment with the foods from last night and we will get to the bottom of what gave me focus and energy. All right, let’s go to our trustee green juicing recipe book for the sole purpose of, um, looking at the vegetables. All right, well, those are our two fruits. So we got zucchini. Zucchini gives us the vitamins, a C and K men, Janice potassium, digestive health, blood, sugar control, heart health and eye health. So that’s what this little fruit vegetable does right here. That’s the zucchini. We got spinach. Remember we didn’t. So the ginger yesterday, which is frustrating. So I, and I forgot to tell us what meant. So we got the spinach and we also have carrots. So let’s go spinach vitamins, a B two, and B6, full late magnesium eye health, brain health, and muscle health.

Now we got carrot vitamins, a C N B six, potassium, eye health, skin, health, and cancer prevention. That’s always good. Now we’ve got our fruit. I don’t know if they have papaya in here. Nope. Papaya is not in here. So this book is it’s great. It’s helpful, but not really. And then we also have, what is that? A pair? So we got vitamin C and K potassium, digestive health, weight loss, immunity, boost, kidney stone prevention and heart health. All right. So there we go. As we know the drill, I’m a most of these up right here. I have just, I have the provider. I’m hoping in theory, that’s going to give us a lot of juice. Hopefully I’m not discouraged or, uh, not discouraged. Hopefully I’m not disappointed as I was with the kale, as kale was just pointless. There was nothing that came out of Pope of kale. So see you guys in a second.

All right, got our shovel or let’s mixer on up. So, uh, to go with yesterday or last night, the, the beat, how I was wondering how it was gonna affect my bowel movements. Yeah, it did this morning. It looked like I was pooping blood, but I knew it was the beat. And then this morning also, when I was pinging, it had a reddish tint to it, which is crazy that, cause I, again, we didn’t taste the beat at least I don’t think I’d tasted the beat. I might’ve, but for something that had no flavor, it sure didn’t have a lot of staining, proper bare proper properties. All right. Now, cheers. See how the pot, the papaya, that idea doesn’t work. It’s all. Um, my juicer works great Intel with things, but then it’s also horrible with others. So like mushy fruit doesn’t work. Don’t even try.

It’s a waste of time. Like I swear that, uh, a carrot had more juice in it than the main. Then the papaya, the boat fires this big in this round, right in the carriage, this big. And it had more juice than it. So what’s is an inconclusive or which in conclusion, it doesn’t work that juicers terrible with like Missy juicy fruit. I was just makes a mess in your little, your catcher little side thing over here. You can see that it’s not cashing the juice cause there’s juice in there. So it’s defeating the purpose. So tomorrow I got to find a different fruit. That’s that’s harder. Right? I don’t think of grapefruit would work either because, well, we’re trying it all right. We’ll try it. We’re going to try a grapefruit. I don’t like grapefruit. So on that one, you’re probably going to see me like tell you I can’t drink it. I smelled the ginger. I smell ginger.

That’s not bad at all.

It’s really gingery. I mean, I put some ginger and I know I put that more. I’m glad I didn’t put what I was. You know how you break something in half and you’re gonna dump this one in or that one. Well, I dumped the smaller one and I’m glad I didn’t dump the bigger one. And cause that would have been really overbearing. Like this whole thing. I only put like a little droplet like that. And this is like ginger.

I’m guessing it’s more the flavor of the papaya. I, I’m not gonna tell you, I enjoy this, this flavor. It’s not bad. Don’t get me wrong. It’s sweet. It’s exactly what I wanted for the morning time. It’s just, I don’t like the flavor isn’t I don’t like papaya by itself. Right. I can eat it, but I don’t like melons either. I don’t like watermelon. I don’t like the green melon. I don’t like the Mellon Mellon on like cantaloupe. I don’t like any of that. So that’s going to be interesting drinking those kinds of juices because I don’t like the juice. I don’t like the fruit as it is so drinking the juice or really just extracting the nutrients out of it. But the ginger we’re going to have to really look what ginger does because if the ginger root cause of roots are starting, our Groots got nice properties. They grind up pretty nice in the grinder. So we could probably look for some gin Singh. Um, some other, I don’t know, I’m not, I can’t try to as back smart. That’s all I really know. Didn’t sing and ginger. So w we’ll try to find them venting if it works and if it’s not too expensive,

It’s not bad at all. Really truly it’s if you take away the papaya flavor and it’s amazing, you’re like, well, Eric, the whole thing has provided exactly. That’s what I’m saying. You take away that one papaya flavor and this is great. It’s like ginger water, but I like, I like the, the pie is giving it the sweetness that I was looking for. Yep. I can turn, I feel the sweetness on my tongue, on my, on my lips, the gin sink or not the Ginger’s giving it that kind of spicy newness flavor. You know what ginger does, but, um, yeah, it’s, it’s really good. Uh, just a mental note, whatever we were drinking last night as well, it had the complete opposite effect that I wanted. Um, it was supposed to be making me sleepy.

It did not, it, it was weird. It fills my stomach up. It made me want to work. And then it, it wouldn’t really let me go to sleep. Right? Yeah, of course I fell asleep. Don’t don’t think like that, but I was the, you know, the lettuce was supposed to be a sleep aid, but I think I might’ve created an energy drink. All right. So we’re going to, I said this in the other video, but some people aren’t wordy, so people aren’t watching everything. So we’re gonna experiment with those fruit or those that concoction a little bit more. Right? So that’s why the spinach, where we put spinners in this morning, we put Jin Singh or ginger in this morning, right? I’m trying to find what property it was. That gave me energy when I was supposed to be trying to go to sleep, because that could be the missing ingredient that I need to make my own energy drink.

Cause I, I have to get off of the, the monsters or the red bulls, because those are jam packed with added sugar. So you might as well take this bottle of water, put 54 grams of sugar in here. Shake it up. Well, if it was the carbonated kind, alright, just put 54 grams of sugar, shake it up and drink it. And there you go. You have your energy drink. I had guaranteed. Cause I don’t know if you notice before I was like, I got to find something that’s instantaneous because when you take that energy drink, by the time that you’re done with that energy drink, you have energy immediately. So I got it in order for me to combat that I have to concoct a combination of vegetables and fruits. That gives me that same exact effect where it is instantaneous. I chop these vegetables up, I drink this juice and it’s bow instantaneous. I’m awake and I’m focused. So that’s the big journey when it comes to that. Oh, we have other journeys. But I just want to tell that story, but this isn’t bad at all.

Yeah. Ginger and papaya. I don’t taste what spinach is, is weird. You don’t taste any spinach anywhere you go in the carrots. I might be tasting the carrots, but I wouldn’t really know. It’s not bad though.

about halfway.

So what would this one? I will notice with this, uh, mixture. I will say it’s it has more, has more like graininess in it. I think that’s what the papaya, like I was saying how the papaya half of was going to the, to the reject, but what I’m thinking, the parts that they’ve come through, it came through. Oh, mental note too. If you do have a really juicy, like soft fruit, mix it with, uh, with a carrot. For some reason when you’re mixing the two of them, it’s it just works better. I don’t know. I didn’t design the machine. I’ve just noticed it works better to get more juice out of it. Or at least it appears you get more juice, but yeah, like there’s, there’s a different consistency with, with, uh, this one I’m thinking it has to do with the via like larger chunks of Avaya came in. Cause if you remember yesterday or the day before I get pick out a leaf, all right, well with the, the papaya it’s, it’s just mushy. Like you’re not picking out of banana leaf. Right? So, or provide a leaf you’re you would just be picking out like a little mushy part of the banana. But since it’s so small, it’s uh, it’s creates a thickness in this drink. That’s that’s very unique. I like it. It’s not bad. I’m thinking it’s going to be more filling on my stomach.

now here’s the issue. It’s

Over our 10 minute Mark.

See, that’s exactly what I was saying.

I didn’t get a leaf, but I got one, a little stringy things that are on like in, uh, you know, when you’re peeling the banana, the little part that’s right there. Yup. Got one of those little things that I buy it. I’ve already gone over the 10 minutes. I apologize. Let me drink this fast and cut the camera.


It is a lot though. I’m not going to lie drinking like a whole one of these twice a day. That’s a lot of water, But we’re going to say water because well, a lot of vegetable


Excuse me. Oh, and today, no coffee. So I want to see how that affects me as well. If I can continuously go no coffee. The reason not, I’m not against coffee. I’m against that. Sh the sugar we put into the coffee and the cream and, and you know, you can’t go from three in the morning until two and a afternoon and do nothing but drink cups of coffee Avar over and over and over and over and over and over again. That’s not healthy. So that’s, I had to get out of that. Let me kill this real quick and cheers.

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