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Day 6 Afternoon Energy Juicing Delight

All right. Energy drink, experiment. Number one, we got there. We got over here. Raspberries, blueberries, blackberries, little key. We, uh, this is a blood orange. I don’t know why I got a blood orange just because it sounded cool. And this is, uh, excuse me. Sorry. This is a min a note. Men of NOLA. Why? I don’t know. No, I got is kind of stupid. I should have just got regular oranges. Cause I know that those aren’t going to be in the book, but nonetheless, let me change that up just one last time. Yeah, that was just stupid of me. I got grapes and then I have a seltzer water, black cherry, right? The reason why I got the seltzer waters, because energy drinks are carbonated. None of this stuff is carbonated. The seltzer water will give us the carbonation. All right. So let’s go into our trustee green juicing recipe book under fruit.

Since Erik was really smart and wanted to be difficult and get two different types of oranges and they only have one in here. So we have vitamin C and B full eight, potassium, heart health, kidney, stone prevention, and Ameet Amenia prevention prevention. Excuse me. And we go back to our key. We remember this is vitamin C K N E Foley, potassium anti-inflammation respiratory health, digestive health immunity boost, eye health, blood pressure regulation. We got our raspberry, which is vitamin C K and B magnesium, magnesium blood sugar control, weight loss, reduced joint inflammation and skin health. We have our Maura Blackberry, vitamin C and K manganese, brain health, weight loss, healthy gut and bowel regulation. Okay. And we got blueberries, vitamin C and K manganese. And those sinus quercitin heart health, brain health, blood sugar control. Oh wow. Those things got a whole bunch of good stuff in them.

Now we’ve got grapes. We got vitamin C and K potassium, cancer prevention, blood pressure, regularly regulation, chronic disease prevention. All right. Now the goal with this is not to drink a whole leader. It’s we’re gonna, you know, shoot ourselves with the little seltzer water. Now, a regular, the regular energy, the monster energy. I looked yesterday at like 40 something grams of sugar in that can, so it was literally, it was just sugar and water. So with that in mind, I tried to get sugary fruits, like some of the most sugary fruits I could find and then little carbonation, and we’re going to create our own energy drink. Now, how do we know if this really works? You’re going to see me drink it, but I’m not going to wait around and be like, Oh yep. It worked 15 minutes later. Right? I know you don’t want to watch and just look at me for 15 minutes. That’s a stupid. So tomorrow we’re well, tonight when I drank the afternoon, my calm down drinks, I will let you know if it worked or, or if anything changed now, obviously this is day one and we were probably, we’re going to be fiddling with, excuse me, we will be fiddling fiddling with this for quite some time. So don’t worry. We’re going to try every vegetable or fruit they got going. We might even throw some vegetables together. All right. Talk to you later. We’ll see in a minute.

All right. So this is what we look like now. It was on purpose. I probably have too much, um, juice, but we didn’t want to fill it all the way up for poor, for purpose. We’re not trying to fill ourselves up. We’re not trying to do it. We’re trying to give us a shot of energy, right? Like Bing. Right? So let’s pour in our carbon nation or how much is this? So see what I mean? We, we, we, it up too much, way too much. Well, let’s give it a stir with this one. I’m not as, um, like the, with the vegetables. Um, I’m nervous a little bit, but with the fruit, not quite so much or more kind of anxious, I’m excited. Cause each one of the vegetables in here are all the fruit that’s in here is stuff I would drink anyways. If that makes sense or eat anyways, we have what? Oranges. I like orange juice. I like oranges. That’s great. Blackberries. I liked them. I could eat them by themselves. Blueberries. Same thing, raspberries, same thing. And then what else I put in here, Kiwi, try and tell you. I’m excited for this drink. Wash is going to be terrible.

Cause I’m excited now again, let me see if this gives us energy.

What they say is the peel, the orange first. I see why it’s not bad at all, but it tastes kind of like an orange peel, right? So I don’t really get to taste the flavor of anything but orange peel. So mental note, depending on how lazy I am now, it’s good enough. Oh, you’re wrong. It’s good enough to where I’m like screw the orange fields. Fine. But if I, if I wanted a better flavor yeah. Just, you know, peel the oranges.

Whether it gives me energy or not. It’s a pretty good drink. You guys should try it. I advise you peel the oranges. If not, it’s fine. It’s fine. It’s just going to have that little orange peel team to it and then yeah. Get the seltzer water. They got, they come with different flavors. I like the seltzer water. Let me read you the ingredients. Calories zero total fact, zero sodium, zero total carbohydrates, zero total sugars, zero included, zero added sugars, protein, zero ingredients, carbonated water and natural flavor, which is the natural flavor, which is black cherry. So the natural flavorings, probably not very good for me, but there’s not too much of anything in here. You see what I’m saying? It’s also zero. So that’s why I like it gives me the carbonation that I’m looking for. Cause I’m used to energy drinks and then they’re carbonated. Most, everything is carbonated. So it makes you burp and all that kind of stuff. Just like other combinations, but there’s nothing in it. There’s no 20 grams of sugar or anything like that. And so this is our sugar. This is, this is our sugar. I guess all the fruits that we put in here.

The only complaint I have. And I’m the reason I was quiet. Cause I’m I’m in my mind, I’m thinking, all right, where can I buy an orange peeler for the only reason? Like this is really good. I enjoy it. I could drink this every day. If the orange pills weren’t there. It’s I it’s it’s I can, everything else in there is good. You can taste it. It’s good. But that orange peel feeling it’s there

To seltzer water is a perfect addition to it. It really was. It gives it well, thins it up a little bit. So it’s not as crying grindy, right. Or rather pulpy going down. Um, it gives you the, the carbonation and it kind of gives it more of like a soda feel if that makes sense. So like when I’m drinking in the morning times or in the night, it’s, it’s not as it’s very distinct and is nowhere near a soda feel right? Either it tastes like, or it it’s a consistency, very watery. Right. Or it’s kinda like this morning, it was kinda, um, pulpy. Right? Well, this it’s watery, but it’s a different kind of water. It’s it’s the, the carbonated, uh, I mean it could be sugar. There’s a lot of sugar in here from the fruit. So we’re creating our own carbonated sugary water. Right. And it’s not bad, not bad at all.

Well, one more sip and we’re done. I didn’t talk to her is watch. I’m going to drink this whole thing too, as he, um, it’s just the, I swear to you, it’s the orange pills still, but besides that is adopted myself now point out out of the containers. I do not, I did not use the entire containers of the raspberries or the blueberries or the blackberries, those, or I didn’t use it a whole bag of grapes either. I used it, the entire orange, both the orange I use in both the oranges. And I use the, one of the Kiwis, not three, just one of everything that was expensive out of this, the key we’ll use three for a dollar. So I asked you three days, all right. The grapes were like $3. So that again, I mean, literally we could make that last three days, four days, whatever.

Uh, the only thing that was expensive was the organic raspberries and blackberries. Those were expensive. The blueberries ice, they had a little mini pack, like the other two, uh, organic, but I’m a little cheap. So I just grabbed the unorganic blueberry. Hopefully that doesn’t kill me. But, uh, the non-organic ones were cheaper. So because I’m trying to think, okay, if I were to do this, am I going to, am I spending more money or less money creating my own energy drink, then just going to buy one out of store. Now of course, over the long run, it’s much better, much healthier for me to make my own, but let’s look at the bottom line too. Like the financial aspect of it all. So I think I spent like $14 at this point I’m over. Right. But

Just stay one. And I don’t have my little garden outside. I don’t have anything. So we’ll figure it out. Well, we’ll see if, if it lasts like the vegetables that I have, cause I’m free. I still have strawberries in the fridge from a couple of days ago. So, and we’re going to be, we’re going to be buying a bunch of different fruits. So the, the cost will eventually go down because there’ll be days I won’t have to buy any fruit. Cause I already have some, so is it expensive? Yeah. But at the same time we’re looking at her health and then we’ll look at the after effects. If I’m more concentrated, I got to put all this, all my, you see all the red, I got to put all that into Indian computer. So if my, if I can maintain optimal focus, then we understand that we know that in the middle of the day we go light, but high, high in sugar. Right. I get it. We’re experimenting. I don’t know how I went over 10 minutes and we’re not drinking very much.

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