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Seven Days of Homemade Juice Morning Inspiration

Good morning. Um, let’s see. Sorry. I didn’t didn’t make a video last night. I was tired and well, really. I need to schedule the times that I drank these the juice way better. Cause trying to drink three big glasses of juice a little bit, see three liters of water every day is, is quite filling. Um, but not like feeling as in, I just finished a big meal feeling as in, I do not want to drink anything for the rest of the day. That type of feeling, because it’s just like a whole bunch of water, um, is kind of sitting on my stomach. And if you’ve ever done that before, it’s kind of like when every time you walk you’re sloshing around. So it was difficult for me to try to make a third video yesterday. Um, daylight savings kind of screwed me up. Didn’t uh, we’re an hour ahead now because it’s spring.

So we spring forward. Um, yeah, I kind of screwed me up. That’s why it’s light outside. Um, I think it’s almost nine o’clock in the morning, but it’s really like eight o’clock in the morning. If that makes sense. So kind of screwed me up. So we got broccoli, we got pear, little Apple, little great, uh, squash and some strawberries. And of course we got a little bit of the ginger, right? Give a little flavor. Um, I still haven’t figured out what ginger does for you. You can so sorry, bear with me. All right. So we got the, let’s go into our trustee book. I’m going to make a book of this. Give me a little bit, and I’m going to have more, the more fruits and vegetables. So before the end of the month, you will be able to purchase my book and follow along. All right. So let’s go with the fruit. Let’s go with the grape vitamin C and K potassium, cancer prevention, blood pressure regulation, chronic chronic disease prevention. So that’s what the little those do right there. So now we got Apple.

Our Apple is vitamin C potassium, Sutent, heart health, weight loss, and cancer prevention. Now let’s go to our payer cause it’s cause I see it right here faster. We have vitamin K C E N a potassium Nyson digestive health, heart health, skin protection, cancer prevention, and allergy relief. So this would be probably really need to, um, drink a lot of pear juice. Cause we’re about to be spraying and have pollen and everything in the air. Let’s get to the strawberry vitamin C and magnesium full late heart health, blood sugar, and cancer prevention. It’s worse. Squash. I want to say the squash was, was really healthy for us. I don’t remember though. It might’ve been the zucchini. Oh no. Diabetes management and lug Hmong health. Yeah. Squash vitamins, a C N E R E N B six. Nyson diabetes management anti-inflammation and lung health. All right. So I guess if you do a lot of smoking and he did loss smoking in the past, eating some, some squash is good for you. Uh, what is the pear pear? We that for allergy relief. So let’s get that in. Um, as you know, I will talk to you guys in just a second. I need both hands to blend this up with our Mueller, uh, juicer that you can buy on Amazon. So I will talk to you in just a minute.

All right. So we got our, a little juice is not as, as much as normal. Uh, if you remember me saying just a second ago, drinking, excuse me, drinking, like two of these and basically trying to drink three of these a day is, is excessive. It’s a lot, it’s a lot of juice and it’s, it’s kinda messing up my bowels as long as I’m not, I don’t have any things solid. So nothing’s really coming out. So, um, and then drinking three of these in one day, it’s very difficult to add anything else to my stomach. Cause I’m, I’m pretty full, right? Not as in like I’m full, as in I’m satisfied, I’m full as in I’m sloshing around everywhere. And I can’t put anything else on my stomach. Right? There’s too much water in there. So we’re solving that problem by not making such large vegetable waters. Well, this is more fruit based. So less fruit based water. Now I will say what gave the most like bang for its buck out of this, this, um, this batch right here was the squash squash gave me a decent amount of vegetable juice. The everything else was, was almost disappointing. Um, the squash gave us like about that much of the juice, right? So it will be about right there. That’s a little, that’s a decent amount. Broccoli was all right, but let’s give it a shot. Right? Cheers. How to smell it first.

This is good. I don’t mind that. That’s good. It got, it has that hint of ginger. It’s crazy. There we go. It has a hint of gender. Cause you saw, I put the ginger in there.

Oh, that’s what it is. I was smelling my hands and it smelled like fish. I’m like, what, what did I touch? But the spoon that I used, the stir, I used it yesterday. I just raw rinsed it all. But the top half of it or this part right here, you can still see right there. So that was, I burnt some fish yesterday. Well I forgot I was cooking and I was outside talking to somebody. And when I came back, like it was a mess. It sucked. So I was scraping the plate or the thing with that, that’s when my hand smells like fish, sorry, tangent not important at all. But anyways, this is good. I was thinking, I need, I need to, I need the peeler. Right? How to peel fruit fast. I am lazy. I am, there is no way I’m going to do it. And if you remember a few days ago, um, or no, that was yesterday. It ruined an amazing drink that I made for myself being tasting too much. Like the, the orange peel having been that really, really tart sour, just disgusting taste. So if I can figure out how to de peel or like just peel the fruit fast, cause I’m lazy, then putting some citrus in this would be amazing, right? It would be because I think that’s the only thing that it’s missing.

Put a little cucumber in here. A little cute. Cause what cucumber does. Like I said, that’s what I got to go to the store. Cause if remember, cucumber helps with hydration. So what the cucumber would do is one, it would, it would almost give us a little bit higher, but glass, but the consistency is really thin. It’s, it’s a thin, it’s not thick consistency. It’s, it’s pretty thin or liquidy. I don’t know what would, how you would present it in this, but it’s a different type, a different consistency where it’s mostly like more watery. So it’s, it’s a lot easier to go down. Then let’s say our, our papaya yesterday, which was really thick. So it had chunks and chunks of stuff in here, if that makes sense. But I think, yeah, having a citrus fruit, which would also give us a lot of liquid and a cucumber in here would be beautiful.

And since I’m almost done with the drink, we can talk because what tomorrow will be one week of me drinking juice or vegetable water, uh, vegetable and fruit, water clean, even call it really juice is more, tastes like water. Um, it’s been about a week tomorrow health benefits.

Uh, the jury is still out, honestly. I mean, I could you and tell you all, I feel this much better and this and that. And nah, I mean, I’m enjoying it. I’m in, I’m having fun. So that’s, that’s a positive thing. Uh, it’s giving myself more of like a purpose. So if you need a purpose, it’s, it’s, it’s perfect for that. Which just by having a purpose helps you in the long run. Um, well let me explain that a little bit more. When you say you have a purpose and you have a goal that you’re going to do something like making these videos. If I have my purpose is to make these videos every single day. So come Wednesday, Wednesday of last week when I just, I had to eat, I need food because everything was just deteriorating and my body was not doing anything good.

I still see here we go out in my mind, I was failing. However I thought about it. And I was like, well, it doesn’t really matter, right? You guys don’t matter or you guys don’t really care if I eat food in the day or not what doesn’t bother you. You’re you’re, you’re here to, to pay attention to the Jews and define and see if I, if I accomplished one of my goals or found something out that we didn’t know before, whether or not I drink or I eat food in a day, that’s great, but there’s no need to starve myself. Now, the way that I eat is different than most. I try to eat a lot healthier. Uh, last night I did not, I had met her Mediterranean food. Wasn’t the healthiest, but I needed a lot on my system because I wanted to have a more regular bowel movement.

That, that makes sense. Last few days, I haven’t, it’s been kind of, uh, disappointing, uh, I guess that’d be a good way to explain it. So I, I was like, I need something to take on my stomach. So I went, um, I got a gyro, so maybe it wasn’t the most healthiest of foods, but it, this morning it accomplished what I wanted it to do. So now I understand that it went through my entire system, right? So nutrients and I got it back out. We’re good to go. If just a mental note, the beat was at two days ago, it is still in my system. Like I told you, it was going to bleed. It was going to like, uh, stain some things and literally has, it has stained the insides of my body and my intestines. Now I still got two more beats, so I’m going to eat them.

But, uh, yeah, it’s just kind of getting to like goal setting and having integrity with yourself. The more that you do something, if you tell yourself, and that’s, that’s why you got to do a little by little, by little, by little by little, don’t try to do huge jumps and leaps trying to stop the whole EDI and everything for the entire month that that’s Eric being Eric and thinking he can take over the world in three days, right? You got to do it faster than God. You know, God took six days for God to create the world. I think I can take it over in three, right? Obviously that’s not possible. However, be consistent. So what I didn’t get to eat the food, but it’s still 30 days or however long I do these videos, it’s transforming my life. Whether I know it or not, because the consistency of doing these videos to consistency of, of, of interacting with you guys, the consistency of discipline is what’s going to help in the long run. I don’t know if that made sense to kind of one on a ball, not only have about 40 seconds to drink this juice. So I talked a little bit too much, but in the end, come up with some goals and do it every single day. I just remember this one saying, I don’t fear the man who can punch a bag a thousand times in a day. I fear the man who compend punch that same bag once a day for a thousand days. Does that make sense? Hopefully it does. Cheers.

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