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Afternoon Delight 7 Days Of Juicing

No, honestly, I’m way past my bedtime, but daylight savings got me all messed up. It’s 10 o’clock, but my mind feels like it’s nine o’clock. So I’m still awake. But I was like, well, I don’t want to stay away. Let’s let’s work on let’s. Excuse me. Let’s experiment. Right. So we know that lettuce is supposed to give us some kind of sleeping aid. So I can’t just have a glass full of lettuce. So I was like, all right. And if you notice, you know, our vegetables are kind of getting, getting old. So we got to mush them up. Now what I’m also doing, we’ve got our ginger, right? Excuse me.


I have raw. I still have raspberries and a couple other berries in there. We use the strawberries this morning. However, I like the raspberries. The blueberries were the cheapest. So I was like, all right, let’s mix the blueberries because I’m a little I’m craving sugar, right? So with craving sugar, I would do this, put this stuff in there, but then I’d want to put some sugar in there because I have a fear that it’s going to be dry and bitter. And that’s not what I want to taste right now. I’m not in the mood for drying bitter. So I’m mixing it with some blueberries because blueberries are supposed to be good. So let’s go and check out know soon. I’m going to have my own book. I’ll have a link to it. Give me a minute. Let’s go to our zucchini, vitamin a C and K magnesium, potassium, digestive health, blood, sugar control, heart health, and eye health. Those are those right there. The zucchini. Now we got the bok choy and the less,

All right, let me see. Let me know if you see it first, which one is, let us, let us be on this page or there it goes top. All right. So we got, this is the green leaf. I’m guessing vitamin a and K potassium zinc full, late anti-inflammation sleep aid. Anti-anxiety relief. So what we’re we’re we’re mushing everything up right now. Cause um, I want to go to bat, right? Daylight savings has me all the way screwed up, so I need to go to the back. So we’re trying to go to sleep eight foot. We can’t just have lettuce. That’d be disgusting. All right. We’ve got bok choy over here. We’ve got vitamin a C and B6, calcium brain health immunity, beaut boost, and cancer prevention. All right. So we went through three of our vegetables again. I’m sorry. I don’t know what the ginger does for us, but it gives us w I know what it does for the, the flavor. It gives a little spicy flavor, right? A little bit better than just eating or drinking. Yeah, yeah. Right. That doesn’t look very flavorful. So we put that in there and it gives a little bit of flavor. All right. So let’s go on to blueberries.

The blue bag, vitamin C and K magnet and knees. And those signs, queers, atten heart health, brain health, blood sugar control. Right? It’s a little bit of everything in this bad boy and a little fruit right there. All right. See you in a minute. I’m going to crush this up and, uh, we’ll drink our little juice before we go to bed. All right. Talk to you later.

All right. So we got our juice, um, mental note, and a very important thing for everyone to learn is the juicer is not efficient when it comes to berries or, uh, yeah. Basically berries cause of blueberry is a Berry. I was going to say berries and blueberries, but blueberries or berries. Um, I put, uh, like a good handful. Like I have, you know, the little crate you get at the store. I put probably 75% of the blueberries because I only use about 25% when I made my little energy drink. So I had about 75% left out of the packet. I put them in there and all I got was a couple of drops. So there is no point in putting it in there. The other thing that I learned is this, when you have basically any fruit that, cause I put a lemon in there because I in, in this drink right here.

Cause I was like, well, I don’t even have any blueberries at all. So I need some kind of sweetener. Cause I, I, like I was saying, I need, I’ll always like kind of craving a little bit of sugar. So I put that I cut a lemon in half and I put it in there. And the only thing that I got was maybe about a couple of droplets of sludge, right? So the second half of the lemon, I just squeezed into the, and in here. So there’s a couple of lemon seeds in here. So I have to be careful, but my machine, my Mueller machine, I need to be careful because it’s, I guess it’s truly only for vegetables because the fruit’s not, I’m not producing anything fruit and they’re just wasting the money could have ate. I’m frustrated. Cause like I just ate my blueberries. If that makes sense. it’s not bad.

I can taste the lemon that I put in there, which I’m glad again, I’m still frustrated about my blueberries because I only had like a handful because I was excited to drink the juice and I didn’t get any of the juice because the machine didn’t spit me any blueberry juice. So I am really frustrated. I I’m sorry, I shouldn’t even made this video. I’m still, I’m so frustrated about that. They were really good blueberries too. I’m just letting you know

So if you remember a couple of days ago when I had my, my two oranges and I was saying, man, this really tastes like the orange peel. Like I couldn’t taste anything but an orange peel. Well, it makes a lot of sense. Now when I, when I cut the lemon in half and I, and I, cause I wanted to, to guess them or analyze how much juice came out of it and nothing came out of it. It was almost just like the blueberries. So I’m, I’m disappointed in both because I was all excited about my, my juicing machine. And now I realized that it has, uh, quite a few hurdles in the way, because I’m not going to spend $3 on, on like a little small packet of berries just to mush up. If I don’t get any juice out of it, I could literally just mush it myself and then put it in there and I’ll have some juice. Right. It’s I guess it’s blender worthy. Right? Cause when you blend it, then it stays in the pot.

I forgot. Um, I apologize for that. There are seeds in here,


Cause uh, when I, opposed from just mushing up the lemon, like I told you with half of it, I’m wishing it up the other half. I squeezed it in here and there I, some of the seeds fell in there. So I apologize. That was pretty disgusting. But I, again, I am really disappointed.

Now it comes to the actual juice, like getting over my disappointment, the juice isn’t bad at all is actually pretty good. It doesn’t have the sugar that I wanted. Right. I went into this really trying to make a sugary drink before I went to bed, makes with a lemon or not, excuse me, not lemon with lettuce. Right? Cause we know that that led us, brings us our sleep aid. So I came into drinking or making this drink with trying to find something that’s high sugar and using lettuce as a sleep aid. However, um, I noticed that the thing, the, my juicer really only juices vegetables. Right? So I mean, it’s disappointing. It is, but it just gives, it just opens it, opened up the door to, to try a different product. Right? Cause if, if this one product did everything that I wanted it to do, then I wouldn’t explore.

Right. Cause I like this one, this machine spits off a lot of excess. So this excess that I could probably be making into an omelet in the morning time, if I know exactly which vegetables work the best. Right. So I, what I have been noticing is, is it spits out the kale. So the kale doesn’t give any juice, but it gives a very fine like shredded up, um, discharge. Well, that discharge would probably be great in some eggs or even, um, um, cooking some, uh, some salmon right now. It’d probably be good with that. Right. So why we’re doing this? Having failures is a good thing, right? Losing my vegetables tonight, as much as I am or my fruits, excuse me, as well as frustrated as I am about that. It’s a good thing because I’m not frustrated about the price. I’m frustrated because I would have ate it. Right. They were good. I had a couple of them and I was excited. So when I mushed them all up, I literally just mushed my, like, it was like gold. It was gold. Excuse me. Like I was, I was eating them one by one and just dumping them into the bucket and eating them at the same time. And then at the end I was watching it like, yeah, I’m excited. And I mushed them and I add zero juice.

That’s why I’m frustrated. I know it’s petty, but whatever. Um, yeah, again, I can taste the ginger. Uh, it’s really not that bad

But I do need to figure out how to, how to cause if, if the juicer doesn’t doesn’t juice, the fruit, how I want it to like more so I’m noticing a cucumber works, but the consistency of a cucumber is it’s like 90% water, but the structure, like the consistency of it is hard. An orange might have more substance to it than a cucumber. I know it doesn’t does it when you think of it, like no way, but our cucumbers Mesa keep water, um, or even lettuce, but a machine can grind that up and create water out of it. But with, with like fine green fruit, it doesn’t work. We’re running out of time and I’m running out of things to say at the very moment, cause I’m sleepy and I’m going to eat my fish and then I’m going to go to bed. So I will talk to you guys tomorrow. Cheers. I’m going to drink the rest of this. Hold on. I’m nervous about the seed. Honestly. I don’t want her to fall asleep.

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