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March 8 Showing The Juicing Process

All right back at it. It helps when you have a plug that works We’re good to go. That’s kind of disappointing. That’s not very much true.


I mean, yeah, it kinda is a it’s a whole care. It wasn’t as exciting, you know, probably got to stuff, all that stuff in there. Just call It Chopped. That that’s pretty easy. And if that’s how many more juice than that. Sorry. If the camera’s jumping all over the place, you know, I’ll get a stand for us next time. Ran this. There it is.

All right. So far we’ve got this fair. Guess we got some carrots. If that’s nowhere near a full meal,

I mean, no work close to her. We’re going to cut this Apple up. I gotta be careful with the Apple, right? Because the Apple ended up self has a lot of sugar. So the last thing I want to do is just process and they’re expensive. So I don’t want to process a whole bunch of apples and then just drink a whole thing of sugar. Cause I’m trying to like deep, like decrease my sugar intake, not increase my sugar intake, if that makes sense. So while doing this, if I am adding too much sugar, it defeats the whole purpose.

Whatever, it’s not pretty good. Yeah. So at the end of it, this will just be this real quick. So you get the process, all I’m going to do the worst case scenario is I’m just going to grab more of the same. I got more asparagus, more carrots, more I got another cucumber, like I said, I’m not going to put another Apple my idea yesterday with the whole avocados and, a banana. That would be it awesome. But they’re like, yeah, don’t do that. It’s going to clog it. So we’re not going to do that a little frustrating, but it’s all good. And then with the fruit, cause I got some line like with the appeals, I gotta get a peeler, but we’re going to do, I’ll probably end up getting another little, do Hickey this time. It will be four or like lender.

So then we can blend together some bananas and avocados, like just dump this juice into a blender and then mix it with avocados and bananas. Just kinda make it thicker work on my potassium and then also add nuts. But this morning I’m going to eat a little bit more juice than that. Cause that’s breakfast. I was hoping that maybe I’d get up to like maybe here. But yeah, we’re gonna kill the Apple. I need two hands kill the cucumber if need be, I’ll get some more fruit. Cause like I said, I want to kind of feel half a class. That’s not going to do anything. That’s like a shot of water. But yeah, when I’m, before I drink it, I will go to the other room and I will get the tests, all that kind of good stuff. So again, only thing I’ll add more is cucumbers, asparagus carrots. And that’s it. No more apples.

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