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Miami Vice

For a drive. So you get to pick the cars. They got the Mercedes, you got the Lexus, the Lambert gave the Ferrari a BMW, the force, and kind of going through them again. But I’m going to give this game one more shot. I want to give, take the Ferrari.

Just 14 check. This one actually has a little bit better. I can hold stick to the ground a little bit better. Has better traction. It’s also a little slower. Yeah. There’s no, you can’t go all the way. That’s just not going to work. Alright. Eight more to go. Miami. Super dry. Yeah, I did that circle without pushing C trying to keep it on the road. Once you get going, that’s far more out there or airport let’s go. This has got it. I don’t know why they put it right there. Nowhere else. I would love to see someone do this. That’s good. Last one. Yeah.

All right. Again, Miami super dry. That second little round was better than the first round. I’m not going to say it was amazing, but it was better than the first round. Give it maybe about seven and a half, right? Nothing, nothing too exciting.

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