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Russian Battle Royale

Let’s get it going. Aren’t you excited? I am. So our, what we need to do is find loot and kill all DOP Nicks in the city in order to win the Russian battle, Rory out, whatever that means, finding kill all got next across the city. All right. Let’s see if we can figure out how to, yeah. Okay. Okay. It’s just click once on the mouse pad. I think I found one. You see him, so you kind of use the mouse pad to look and you just use the arrows to walk around, like to move forward.

Where is he? [inaudible] Okay. Well that did not go as planned was, are there? I got another weapon in here. He didn’t even give me a weapon. What does that get it? Got him. Oh, look, he. His pants. How come your buddy had a gun and where’s the gun? I got 29. More of these to go. Now this is, I will say this is a little bit more enjoyable than the other ones. It’s harder creep this way. I really could. I could get stuck on this. Oh, I forgot. We’re looking for money. I’m just trying to kill a 29. God. Gopnik I know who’s around here, so I’m ready to go.

All right. Here he comes. Meet him. Yeah. Y’all liked that. Huh? Draw them and slice them down. Okay. You can, Oh, look. There’s a gun. Well, how do I pick up the gun? Okay. Are no change? Weapon, mouse wheel? No. it won’t let me pick the gun up. Well, that’s this sucks. All right. For a cheap computer game. I mean, don’t get me wrong. This is no call of duty. This is by far not call of duty. However, it’s not the worst game ever. I don’t know where I’m going to find these 28 people. I mean, you’ve literally, I mean, this is, this is, would take forever. There goes one.

There goes another one. Oh, here they all are. Oh, Whoa. That took all my health. This is going to be even worse. Oh, there’s a baseball bat. Oh yeah. I knew what I was doing. And give me, keep, let me get one of these bats or something, man. Where did they go change. Okay. That’s E I have no idea what I just did right there. I’m pushing buttons. Google fiber wants you to play a game. Google.Com/Fiber, Google fiber internet. I can’t even where’s the mouse. Oh man. Oh, well that sucks. Now. I just started over, well, I don’t know how to change my weapon or this game. Wouldn’t be too horrible.

However, I do know how to slice people pretty fast. Now didn’t find any a loop here. It goes, somebody watch, I’m gonna show you how fast I know. Slice and dice. And then I’m gonna try something different. Here. He comes, got a baseball bat. He hit me with the bat. Oh, there was two of them. That’s what it was. See, this is what I’m saying. Why won’t it? Let me just pick up the bat. And then the bat just disappears. I must not be doing something right. I was going to try and find people as fast as possible and slice and dice until they get me.

Well, I missed him. He goes another. Here we go. 25. Got him. 24. You sell fast. That was upstairs. No, I don’t feel like jumping. There goes one. There goes one. Let’s go get him here. He kind and got a baseball bat. Got him. Exactly. Got him. Look at that. I’m sliced with a Dyson. Here. It goes. Another one. I got, he ain’t going to notice me. I got 20 more to go. Hurry up, man. It’s taken forever. So you look, this game already got me goodbye. Oh, wow. That was a triple whammy right there onto the basketball court. Yeah, I got you. I got you gone. You got me, man. That’s terrible. All right. Hope you guys have fun. Play.

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