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Oldies But Goodies: 2008 Allen, Everett & Erik

You want to get a, feel you some damage to real property cost money, blow a tree down. Now somebody’s been sleeping in the dog puppy light list. My, my bill. Oh, light off for a whole month. A tornado. I know, I know. I know you. Ain’t got no choice. And where do you live in life? Whatever. I mean, what? Well, you know what I’m saying? For the life of me, we’ll make a live in tornado alley, make notes every year. There’s a possibility. If a tornado could tell your God house I ain’t doing it. How would you live though? Living in hurricane season places every year you got work, Katie, a house flooded and. And you still living there spending $3 million on his house and you don’t have hurricane insurance. So you okay? Oh no. Got down. Go count on flood insurance.

No. Well, wait a minute to hurricane. I mean, tornadoes, tornado, tornado hit Terminator can touch down next door and turn that house up, but never with y’all pretty much. You know what I’m saying? Go right by there. You have a 50 50 chance. I know, but let’s get to the quote real quick. Let me see what the this is. No, no, I know what I’m talking about, Chris. So I’ll get with you in a little bit and that’s the thing. Burned down houses. Yeah. That’s up. Really got like 15 minutes though. All right. The first quote nodded, what day is today is February 10th, second Sunday of the year around February, analyze strategize. That’s the way to survive. you make money. Let’s get high. Analyze her, analyze your strengths.

That’s the way to survive. you make buddies. Let’s get high. Anything that you life in general, you got to analyze. Everybody’s critical about their own life and. You know what I’m saying? And, everybody’s critical. You know what I’m saying? Everybody’s just, it’s their own critic. You see what I’m saying? So therefore analyzing there’s a natural process. You know what I’m saying? That’s a good quote because that’s a natural thing to go to. Everybody’s mind out loud to make sure you know what I’m saying in analyzing the business, anything, comparing it to the news. You see what I’m saying? Comparing yourself to the rest of the world. You know what I’m saying? That’s critical to survival. You know what I’m saying? It really is critical to survival and the strategy. I mean, even the reason I, I’m glad we kind of brought this one up today.

Cause it’s, as I strategize, that’s the winning survive. you make money. Let’s get high. It took us forever to find a little bit of weed today to get high. You know what I’m saying? We analyze the situation and staying alive. We couldn’t find any strategize to find some more or to find some, to keep the deck. You know what I’m saying? And now we’re having our session, which is, you make money. Let’s get high. Took us off like a net to do it. But it. That’s just a natural progression. As far as money maturity or whatever, you got to analyze yourself. Then you got to pick the proper strategy to make things work. You see what I’m saying? You got to pick the proper strategy or uh, whatever, you know, the good, the accomplish goals. Okay, we’ll go back to you make money.

You got to strategize to accomplish goals. You know what I’m saying? So that’s a good, that’s a good thing. And it’s called it calls for self critic, criticism, being able to credit, not being your worst critic or whatever it calls for mapping out. Platin flattened to a cane to attain a goal, step by step process of what it’s going to take to chain to obtain that goal and stuff. And that’s the quote for today. You know what I’m saying? Everybody got to be able to analyze their own shelf to accomplish anything. You see what I’m saying? You have to, you have to really, really fully be able to analyze yourself. Not sure. Yeah, that’s right. A lot of us sugar coat ourselves pretty much and not accept who we really are. Yeah. It goes back to last week, quote, shifting who we are and like, you know what I’m saying?

So you gotta put, you gotta strategize. Now that’s a good thing because it opened some eyes up to everybody. God, this, this right here. I quote, record. I do opens my eyes thinking about not many know who you are, not me. Like I’m a destructive person. You know what I mean? I ain’t gonna lie. I’m stuck the person. I mean, I like to see she get knocked. That’s what I do. That’s why I’m a good demolition worker so I can break. I mean, as just, I just, my problem. I know that might be weird. I’m not, that’s just, that’s just my, this is my problem, man. That’s, that’s a problem I got to deal with. You know what I mean? But I’m human just like anybody else and nobody else is better than me. Yeah. On the side. I’m saying you sit here and there’s the something that’s important to the quote too. We always got passed down in order to build herself back up, be able to that’s important. Most important thing about, and just like, just like, we always got to like the, the shelter, me, get this word out. No, it was like the non-meat so pain and get paints. Others to find out what love is. That’s why they say pain is love. It’s nothing, man.

In order, in order to build anything to accomplish, these are the necessary steps that one has to take upon itself. Each one of us have to take upon ourselves to realize what’s going on. What’s what’s what’s wrong with your mind life. W why can I do this? Why can’t I do that? Why can’t I be Brittany Spears on a lighter note? You know what I’m saying? Whatever, you know what I’m saying? But we got to strategize to strategize and create and plot a certain, certain way to accomplish these goals that we’re trying to accomplish. And I don’t know if y’all heard, Alan said something really good, right there said, do you really want to be that person? Because I bet you Laura. I was in one of my programs. I was in Mexico. I can’t say you said, if everybody through all their issues in the middle of all the problems, everything that you go through everything, and he goes through everything.

He goes through nine out of 10, you take your own problems, your own issues, everything. So there’s no reason why you should sit there and have a pity party on how, what was me? My life is horrible, but then you don’t want it, but I bet you wouldn’t want to get on the back of a garbage truck. So obviously your life ain’t that horrible. It’s just a mind state that you’re in is it’s horrible, right? That’s a good point. But like, I want to be like that person. I want to be that, that person. How do you know that person had gone through the same seat you is? Because they’re veteran they famous or because they have money or because they’re living a better lifestyle than you was because they live in a better life. That doesn’t mean that they ain’t gone through the same thing.

Everybody is human. And at the end of the day, by going through the same thing, everybody else, no matter if you’re rich or poor and going through the same problem, that’s how you have to deal with it. It’s all in how your feel. And a lot of people like 10, like maybe four or five years ago, Oh, I would love to be Britney Spears. Now I look at her, she’s on a break break down, gone crazy kick off because she can’t even relate these quotes and see where it relates to in her life. Far as it relates to how like, nah, we giving it to you free row every Sunday right here. So you can sit and analyze your own self.

We’re sitting here having fun, getting high, whatever, what you think we’re doing is an illusion. We’re not just getting high. We talking to you for about real, real stuff, everything. It’s a beautiful world, man. It’s a beautiful art. You could probably, I don’t know if y’all can hear you. That wind down here is crazy. We’re shaking the car. And we just got done right now. I know you can’t smell it, but my aunt Allen’s hands smelled spray like cans because we had to sit there for a good hour in separate cans. My grandma’s so she can take them down to recycling plant so we can get, you make money garbage to go. Pretty much. We talked about this about a month ago, we sold you the cans. This’ll be the third time when we go with the cans. And that was, it was no time at all ago.

Really? Wasn’t less than two months ago. And we’re showing you how it’s getting done. make money enterprise. That’s what we’re doing. And that brings in the second quote. Everybody’s trying to get rich. So listen to this. you make money. Yeah, everybody got a fantasy or a dream or a, Oh, you lose you in the mind of being rich, famous or whatever you, whatever. We, we deemed to be more important in life. Everybody got a fantasy. Do what? Everybody. They’re going to have a strategy. Everybody don’t have a goal. And everybody, everybody came down a lot, shorter tied together. It’s a beautiful thing. Your ties together. So everybody can’t do this. You know what I’m saying? Everybody can’t be rich, but that don’t mean everybody can’t share in the richest pallet.

Everybody’s just sharing. Everybody just needs to know their part. Too many Kings on enough Indian. That’s all, not everybody. And then the people who are raised, they wind up being broken. Cause then cause then I split the money. They know what to do with it. And that’s another thing, like he said, not everybody deserves to be rich, but if you analyze these strategize to be better than you will be, sorry, here you go. That’s the two steps that you take. You analyze them to be richer. You make it, then you it up and you lose everything. You didn’t deserve to be rich. I know, but you can always make it back by reanalyzing. Reese tried at times, getting together with somebody about that money. you money. Let’s get rich. Get out anyway.

What’s you’re talking about, uh, the distance, uh, things we don’t wanna make money with the poems. All they know about all that, the poems, clothing lines, sneakers, all that. make money. Entertainment. You can make money. That’s going to be wide, man. you. Make money is going to be worth a ride. Go to Israel. Let me read you an email email from my sister. Talk to her today. you. Make money. Hold on. Okay. My thoughts are leave Friday, February 29th from Astro flight to Newark, New Jersey, then to Tel Aviv arrive. Tel-Aviv on Saturday, March 1st in the morning, I could pick you up and then we can leave the Haifa. The ticket price will be around $1,500. Oh, Oh, she got it. Listen to this, my itinerary. Everything that I will be doing. Yep. Saturday, Sunday, uh, Friday, Sunday. It’s all right here for me.

I’ll be going to Haifa. Get saddled. Visit the shrine about how align in some. We’re gonna take pictures. Don’t you make money going there. Look at the date Sunday. Believe it. Still going to be a session off time and Jerusalem. Every ready might not be there. Or Eric Johnson. you make money there. And a whole bunch of believers in Israel where show you how powerful you. Make money. Eric Johnson and this whole concept. And these two right here now and never ready. How powerful we really or what didn’t you see? We have a session way over Israel with my sister money. you make money. So you’re alive, baby. So you won’t be. So you won’t be thinking that we just sitting in the car and doing this for fun, right? No it ain’t for fun. Cause we’re here to quote, who’s coming out real.

As you can get it step by step. How the you make money work. I’ll make money. There’s got to be start with the motivation factor first. And you know what I can do when I get out there. Right? I think I’m not really do it now. I’m glad my sister just had me is setting this up for me instead of making it, having me make the decision. Cause obviously my first season work, when I’m out there that she’s going to put me in different to where I go out there and I meet and she went, she just got back from Ethiopia, India. She said she loved Ethiopia. There there’s one of the poorest countries, but it’s beautiful. So is it she’s been there. She’s been in the Holy land more than we have. Yeah. Everywhere. All over. That’s my soldiers. They know about us.

You know what I’m saying? They know about all of us pretty much. You’re going to sit on the penny Andrews for one penny, start over dollar, get us down, collect a penny from everybody to collect a penny from everybody that you know, and this is what I can do. Security, landscaping, workshop, move crew, uh, all different pilots. Uh, possibilities can volunteer for a few days. Have other days off or free if I want volunteer Sunday through Thursday and it’s up to me. And if you didn’t know a little bit thing about Israel, if you’re a Jew, then you have, what is the automatic sanctuary? Yeah. Anywhere in the world, you can go to Judah for Israel, right? Yeah. So now what I would like, I don’t know if it’s, if it’s for about high either. I don’t know too much about the behind faith must go out there and we’re to, we’re going to check it out.

We’re checking it out. You know what I’m saying? Go see what it is. Go see if what they bill, if they can believe in, you make money. Well, I can believe in them. Thank you out there in the most holiest place of Holy it’s, the holiest places compared to war right in the middle of the streets, on the front line, baby, they can feel it and they can sit there and have a whole session. Just like my two right here doing, get in where you fit in because you’re going to be left behind. So it will be the future during the three row start of a revolution starts with you. And if you don’t believe that all you need is one. Cause all you do is one thing. How are you going to bring it? All you need is one pen. lovely dog. I got a time. So you make money. So the next week we out 20, 19 eight.

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