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March 18 Am Juicing Process

All right. Here we go. We will start with the sweet potato.

 Whoa. Okay. 

We’re almost done with this sweet potato

So it looks like that last little part is we tell it was all kind of hard for this to grind up, Knocking everything off. Let’s see. Let’s put someone else in there. Some easy. See if that sound go away.

 mostly watermelon.

So it was probably just something that was stuck in there. Not a big deal. Uh, we’ll show how much the watermelon is. You kind of saw how much the sweet potato was. Hopefully that’s mostly just the potato. Ah, man, that sucks. That sucks. Put my finger. Good thing. I’ll wash my hands. All right. So we’ve seen, we saw how much the sweet potato. Now this is the watermelon.

Go ahead and throw the apples in there.

Turn that down. We’ll pop a little ginger in there just for the ginger flavoring. Uh, I still don’t know what what’s so great about ginger in it, but uh, they’ll work. And then since we just have some lonely grapes, I was supposed to talk about the grapes. I apologize. I did not. So we’re just going to throw grapes up in there And I’ll eat one. So we went on bill very much.

All right. Well there you have it.

Our watermelon, Apple carrot,


Um, what was that put in there? Sweet potato drink and great. And ginger. All right. See you, man.