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Procter & Gamble Co:

Is A Multinational Consumer Goods Corporation Their Main Focus Of Business Are Consumer Health, And Personal Care And Hygiene. They Service Every Country In The World Besides North Korea And Cuba. Procter & Gamble Has Manufacturing Operations In 34 Different Countries Around The World Including Nigeria. Procter & Gamble Produces Products In 10 Different Categories;

 Baby Care:

 Their Baby Care Brands Include Pampers, Luvs, And All Good Baby Diapers

Fabric Care: 

This Can Be Broken In To A Few Sections 

Laundry Products – Ariel, Cheer, Era, Draft, Tide, Gain, Rindex 3En1

Softeners & Fabric Care – Bounce, Ultra Downy 

Family Care:

Procter & Gamble Supplies Paper Towels Through Bounty, Toilet Paper Through Charmin, And Facial Tissues Through Puffs.

 Feminine Care:

Their Feminine Care Products Consists Of Always, Always Discreet, Just, Tampax, And This Is L 


 Gillette, Braun, The Art Of Shaving New York, Joy + Glee, And Gillette Venus Are All Household Names And They All Belong To Procter & Gamble.

 Hair Care:

 Whether You Prefer Head And Shoulders, Herbal Essence, Aussie, Pantene, Or Old Spice You Are A Loyal Procter & Gamble Customer 

Home Care:

 Whether You’re Trying To Repel Insects With Zevo Or Do A Quick Swiffer Of The House. Procter & Gamble Provides Multiple Different House Cleaning Products. These Products Include Microban 24, Mr. Clean, Dawn Dish Soap, Cascade Dish Detergent, Comet Home Cleaning Products, Febreze Odor Eliminator, Salvo Dishwashing Liquid,Ambi Pur Odor Eliminators 

Oral Care:

 Oral-B Toothbrushes And Dental Floss, Crest Dental Care, Fixodent Denture Adhesive, And Scope Mouthwash Can Also Be Added To Procter & Gamble’s Arsenal Of Products. 

Personal Health Care:

 If You Need Help With Your Sleep Through Zzzquil, Do You Have The Cold Or Flu Use Vicks, Heartburn Prilosec Otc, Upset Stomach Relief With Pepto-Bismol, Your Daily Fiber Supplements With Meta, And Your Probiotic Supplements With Align. If You Are Pregnant Or Simply Need An Ovulation Test Clearblue Is Here To Help. 

Skin And Personal Care:

 Native Face And Skin Care, Ivory Mildly Scented Soap, Olay Face And Skin Care, Safeguard Germ Protecting Soap, Secret Deodorant, Snowberry Face And Skin Care, And Sk-Ii Anti-Aging Face Care.