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Tyler Technologies Inc:

Their Scope Is The Public Sector With A Main Focus On Local Governments, Through Public Administration, Courts And Public Safety, Human And Health Services, And K Through 12 Education. 

Public Administration:

 Created The Nation’s Only Mass Appraisal Services And Tax Billing Collection Software, Their Appraisal And Tax Software Can Service Any Jurisdiction Ranging From 400 People To 8 Million They Also Created A Statewide Software To Manage Larger Data. Through Their Silver Services Software They’re Able To Create Systems To Help Administrative And Support, Business Management, Community Development, Community Health, Enterprise Asset Management, Parks And Recreation More Than 500 Cities Trust Their Software To Provide Utility Billing. 

Courts And Public Safety:

No Matter The Size Of The Jail Facility They Create Business Processes That Drive Efficiency Intakes Release And The Security Involved In Housing Thousands Of Inmates, 75% Of The Us Is Served By Tyler Solutions. Whether It’s Through Their Virtual Court Software, Or Their Supervision Solution They Manage Caseloads Effectively Helping Judges And Administrative Officials Accurately Asses Each Department And Jurisdiction By Managing An Effective Jury And Collecting Data For Investigation And Audits For More Than 850,000 User Files Over 28 Million Documents Using Their Platform

Health And Human Services:

With The Ability To Receive Track And Process Have A Wide Variety Of Worker Compensation Claims Understanding And Accelerating The Process Of Processing Veterans Benefits To Exploring The Regulation Of Medical Cannabis Use Tyler Technologies Systems Are Implemented Throughout All Aspects Of Health And Human Services Utilize By Local And National Government Agencies In The United States 


 One Of Every Four Us School Districts Uses A Tyler System With Over 30 Plus Years Of Experience They’re Able To Simplify Finance Human Resources Student Transportation Among Other Things.