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Cabbage & Strawberries Day 4 Morning Potion

Good morning. It is light out time. I just have a little, my just finished riding the bike. Did my stretching did some pushups. Now it’s time to nourish my body with some great vegetables and fruit be great nourishment. So we got some strawberries, which is typical for the morning. As you remember, we got something new today. We got some tail, right? We got apples, which is typical for the morning. Our carrots to kind of help with our eyes. We’re going to end re-introduce the Kiwi for the morning. The Apple ID or the onion idea was absolutely horrendous. I will not be doing that again. Um, then we also have our cabinets, so let’s go into our book and see what type of nerd and nutrients we’re going to be giving ourselves today. So we’re starting with the vegetables. We got cabbage just in kit. We’re going to keep doing it. I know, right?

Ah, there you go. Vitamin C and K full late man. Nuggies anti-inflammation digestive health, heart health and cholesterol health. We got our carrot right here, which is skews me there. And there we go. Vitamins, a C and B six potassium, eye health, skin, health and cancer prevention. Now we got our kale, right? This is a super fit dreams, kale, um, whatever that is. There we go. Vitamins, a K and C Magna knees, cholesterol, health, cancer prevention, eye health, and weight loss. What? These videos, I’m going to make a video where I explain what vitamins a and K and C and all these other things, what they are. Cause it doesn’t. That’s great that I’m reading this, but all know what that does for emotional. It’s good for all right. Let’s go into our fruits. So we got our keys.

Okay. Right here. We got C K N E full, late potassium. Anti-inflammation respiratory health, digestive health immunity, boost, eye health, blood pressure regulation. Ooh, look at that. Yeah. The key week. That’s right there. That little thing right there. It’s really helpful for you. Let’s get onto the strawberry and the Apple strawberry right here. Vitamin C Magna Annie’s fol late heart health, blood, sugar control and cancer prevention. All right. Now, back to the apples, right? Again, each Akbar, Apple could be different. We are specifically the ones that we have right now are those what? Sweet lady, apples. We have vitamin C potassium, Sutent, heart health, weight loss, and cancer prevention. All right. Just like every other morning we will or every other, uh, time that I juice. We will, again, this is the green juicing receipt recipe book. Uh, talk to you guys in a little bit. All right. Gar. A little concoction. Remember we had kale. We had Apple Kiwi, strawberry carrot

And cabbage. There we go. Almost forgot. It wasn’t even that long ago. See, my memory is shot. Um, no. Yesterday full disclosure scared me. Uh, if you remember the video from yesterday morning, um, we got through almost all of it, but after I was out of commission, the onion was way too strong. At first, it was good going down. Then after my throat, my head started hurting. My stomach hurt everything. So I’m a little nervous. Cause I was, that was not a fun experience. I don’t want to go through that again. I don’t know what everyone’s talking about. You need to put kale, right? So if you read a lot of the little do this and this and this, they talk about kale. I don’t understand why you’re going to need like five bags of kale to get any juice out of it. Like one, I stuffed a little thing like three times, and I got more juice from one Apple that I did from stuffing.

The thing three times, I almost used the whole back of kale. What a woman’s supposed to do, like have kale wasn’t cheap either. It was like $4. So what, every time I’m thirsty. I’m supposed to just go spend $4 on kale now. Practical lettuce, cabbage your other stuff. Great. The kale. I mean, it didn’t do anything for me now. I’m going to try it again. All right. I’m going to go to the store and go buy a little different packet of kale and hopefully it will work that way, but again, I’m not kale not sold on it so far again. Wish me luck. Let’s hopefully this is not terrible.

Trying to, you know, trying to wait until I, I taste the whole spectrum because yesterday, you know, when we traced the taste of the spectrum, but then it was after it, it was like, Oh wow. It started getting to me.

I don’t know.

I don’t know if it’s, it’s not that it’s bad. I mean, I, it just, it tastes like vegetable water. I mean, it’s really difficult to go past or you like getting past the taste of vegetable water. Uh, I know that, I mean, just the simple fact that I’m drinking this much water. I’ve already drinking this much water for the day, you know, my smart water. Uh, so this is going to be what, it’s seven o’clock in the morning and I’ve already drank two liters of water basically. So when it comes to hydration, I feel this is amazing now later on in the day, uh, hopefully cause I was reading the lettuces. That’s why I didn’t put it in the morning to sleep eight. So if I’m trying to stay awake, putting a sleep aid in my drink probably is not smartest idea. So if I can remember, or from so inclined that juice later today, then I’m going to make sure it’s, it’s based off of a lot of hydration and then spinach works with your muscles.

So this afternoon probably gonna be more of the green drink, more of the hydration, cause it’s going to be after I work out right after my second workout, running everything, I’m gonna be needed to be more hydrated. Excuse me. So I will the cucumbers for hydration, uh, for muscle growth or whatever development, spinach. So I’m going to go, I got to go to the store and go find me some, find some spinach, um, sleep aid. So after I can kinda, my body can kind of slow down and relax a little bit. So with those, some lettuce in there, um, Then you know, I have to do a little bit more research, but I know cucumber, uh, spinach lettuce, we gotta find the rest of the asparagus was pretty cool. It makes my piecemeal, but I gotta figure out cause I gotta, like I said, I got to start forming the best juice for me, if that makes sense. So yeah. Okay. That’s the carrot.

I it’s difficult cause it’s I gotta kind of think of what, cause I don’t want to put up, like I said, I don’t want to put a lot of sugary things in there. Now this has strawberry Kiwi, Apple, all produce lots of water, but all are very high in sugar as well. So that’s why one pits the first thing in the morning. So I have all day to burn off this sugar, which most of the time, I mean I intend, I will hopefully, and hopefully there’s less sugar in this than I would in my would put in my coffee and I have no idea how much sugar is in here, but I have a feeling there’s quite a bit because there’s Apple, a Kiwi. And the other one, I said Jobert

Okay. But again, this one’s pretty good. Um, see how, what it does. Yeah, I guess, uh, trying to really get that if this can hold me over, um, like focus wise, cause I got a huge project. Um, I needed to do, um, last few days as drinking this morning juice hasn’t helped. Right? It’s gone and done the complete opposite. So whatever I was doing yesterday, the onion yesterday, I feel like that had a huge problem, huge issue. Why I was in like at optimal levels because after I had to run to the bathroom and it was not a fun experience at all, I, my brain and everything felt terrible for a couple of hours. So again, huge focus on mental optimization by through art, the nutrients we’re shooting through our system. I don’t know. Cause every everyone that I see on TV, I don’t believe anything that they say honestly, after doing this for a few days, I don’t believe any of it.

I don’t think we’re going to make them quite as big either. There’s a lot, maybe like a half a liter. Cause I mean, yes, it’s just a lot to sit in one sitting and drink 10 minutes. I mean the water is easier or you just go the water, but this is difficult. This is more like I got to focus on drinking it

There you go. You want to see the kale? So some kale did get through, excuse me Again. The bottom part. Not quite the greatest. It’s got more was more grainy, got out, more stuff in it. Like all this stuff kind of flows to the bottom. At least with this one, the other one was all the good stuff was gone.

I mean, I got some more pale. Uh, yeah, one more swig. And then we’re done. Thanks again for joining me. And I’ll talk to you guys later on today. Cause once I’m done swigging, I’m just going to push me like cut the camera. Yeah. This has been a fun adventure. Uh, if you heard my disclosure, uh, for the first video for today, I am eating other foods because just the drinking vegetables use wasn’t enough. I didn’t feel like I was getting enough nutrients in my body. Uh, I was, it was affecting other things in my body, but keeping the juice coming every day so far, I can’t argue shooting vegetables into my body every day and drinking more water. So I can’t say it’s a bad thing, right? There’s no way I can say extra vegetables and extra water are a negative thing. So I’m going to continue to do this. I’m just going to supplement food because I’m starving after this. It’s not enough.

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