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Good Morning Day 2 Juicing

Good morning today. Uh, we’re used to beat some celery, um, mostly because, um, they’ve been in the fridge for a few days and they’re kind of going bad as you can kind of see the elite. So I need to mush them up. So we got our beat, we got some celery, we got our key. We, and then we have two pairs. I need to go back to the store today and get some, some other fruit. Uh, some apples. Here we go. We got our ginger. No, this is that’s. That’s uh, that’s a very big piece of ginger. Probably cut that in half. All right. Let’s check in our book. Excuse me. It’s a little bit of a mess today. All right. So we’ll start with our vegetables first. We have our beat and then celery. Let’s see what comes first salary

Celery right here, vitamins K C and a full eight potassium, digestive health anti-inflammation cholesterol, health, blood pressure regulation, and skin health. Let’s go to our beat, which is this one right here, a full late Magna knees, potassium, blood pressure regulation, heart health, digestive health, and brain health. All right. So yeah. What if you remember when we had the beat last time? Uh, it was suppose we had it at nighttime, but it was, it worked counter productive. I was kind of awake. So I wonder if where it says brain health under the beat, if that’s kind of like brain stimulation. So that’s going to be interesting to find out as taking it. Like it’s I think it’s like seven 30. No, it’s probably like eight o’clock in the morning. So it’s early. So that’s, it’s going to be interesting to see how the beat affects us in, in the morning, opposed to that night.

All right. So we got the key. We, again, we got vitamin C K and E full late potassium. There we go. Anti-inflammation respiratory health, digestive health immunity, boost, eye health, blood pressure regulation. All right. So then we have our payers pair. There we go. Vitamin C and K potassium, digestive health, weight loss, immunity, boost, kidney stone prevention, and heart health. Uh, if you remember, and then obviously our ginger isn’t there. If you kind of remember if you’ve been following along, uh, I, part of the reason I did this, cause I was kind of having pains in my kidneys and a lot of attitude because I wasn’t eating anything. I was mostly just drinking coffee, uh, from two o’clock in the morning until two o’clock in the afternoon. Cause, or maybe even three and then having an energy drink and then eating some food. And then that would be my day. So my kidneys were talking to me and there were screams there. Well, they weren’t talking, they were more or less screaming to me and telling me, change your diet. Um, so that’s what I did. Uh, hopefully the pear, since it has our kidney kinda protection, hopefully our pear where we’ll help the process of, of rebuilding my kidneys from the destruction that I cost. All right. See you in a minute.

Welcome back. As you know, we decided to use the beet juice. So we’re drinking some blood today. We’re not obviously drinking blood or we’re drinking a beat, right? However, as we do know for the next, what, maybe three days, my urine is going to be tinted red and my poop is going to be also tinted red beets are very powerful. Let’s see if they, if they’re so powerful with my bowel movements, let’s see if they’re just as powerful with my mental ability. Right. Cause it’s true. I wipe the counters with bleach. So my hand, my hands smell like bleach. All right. So is this mostly just, um, what does it not let us, what’s the other one.

I keep forgetting what they’re called celery. There we go. Celery, celery, celery, celery, celery, celery, celery. I have to say it about a hundred times. Cause I even was like, I, when, when I was making the video earlier, I stood and I S I was staring at it and I couldn’t think of what it was called. All right. I don’t know. I hope there’s not like beginning stage of dementia or something like that. As it’s making me a little nervous. I can’t remember celery. I kept on remembering like, okay, you, you got ants on a log. You can put it in peanut butter, put little raisins on there. It has ants on a log. Um, that’s good. And remember what it’s called anyways. This is mostly just celery. Uh, the beet accounted for maybe about like literally nothing and my fruit that I put in. Not very much of anything. It’s just mostly just celery water, right? Flavored or beet colored celery water. Now I’ve done enough talking. Let me try some [inaudible]. Yeah. It’s celery water. That is that’s. All it tastes like is, is, is, is, is like eating. I just ate a stick of celery now don’t get it wrong. Yeah. I can taste the pear a little bit, a little hint of pear sugar. Uh, I don’t really know what a beat tastes like. So I would not be able to tell you it tastes like a little beat in there. No, not a clue, not a clue. Um, let’s see.

It’s not bad. It’s not bad at all. I mean, it has that. It really, truly just tastes like celery. Like when you’re coming down and you’re like, your nose smells it and it tastes, and then you are automatically, you start tasting cellar a second. It goes into your mouth. And then the after flavor taste, I told her that was a little piece of celery right there too. Um, well, and I’m glad that it’s cellar because celery, you wouldn’t really, it doesn’t really think that it has a flavor, but it does. It’s a very distinct flavor, especially when you, when you munch up as much as I did. It’s great. Um, part of the reason I did it is, uh, for the water content in the celery, which is great because that’s part of the thing that I’m trying to do. Um, if you remember from last night, I was a little knee braided.

I apologize. Um, if you remember a little bit from last night, um, like our fruits don’t really give us any juice. So a pair gave us juice, but a lemon gave us nothing doesn’t make any sense. However, that’s what happened. So I got a find fruits that one give juice, and then two, I got to find fillers, right? Because what if I’m trying to like amp myself with straight berries and fruit, I’m going to have an, excuse me, I’m going to have an issue filling this glass up. Cause I don’t want to just waste money. Right? So yesterday it was, I got more juice out of just squeezing the juice in here than opposed to grinding it up. If that makes sense. So, and with the blueberries too, I was really quite frustrated because I literally could have just mushed a brew, mushed the blueberries up myself, dumped them in there and then drank the blueberries.

Right? Cause I, I literally got maybe or four drops of juice out of the blueberries. Now $3 is not going to destroy my budget. However, if I don’t have, I don’t want to just spend $3 and get through droplets of juice. If I’m going to spend $3, I want to enjoy my $3. Right. I would’ve rather ate the, the blueberries. So with that being said, you gotta be very careful. And that’s, that’s what I’m working on right now. We’ll work on, this is week number two, excuse me. So for week number two, that’s what we’re gonna, we’re going to focus on finding like ideal drinks. Well, again, we’re not there yet. We can’t find ideal drinks, finding ideal fruits and vegetables that, that work the best with the machine that I have. Now I might need to go buy, uh, like an actual fruit juicer.

You know, maybe the ones that you go like this and it gets all the, you know, you, you put the fruit on top. It has a little, I don’t even know how to explain it. And then you grind it around and it gets the fruit or the juice out of it. If I buy one of those, then maybe I’ll be able to incorporate both together. Um, but this is all at the beginning stages of this grand experiment. So we’re not there yet. So bear with me. Let me get back to my, see, I forgot it again, man. Celery water.

It’s weird. It has like kind of a meaty flavor to it. I know it sounds crazy because how could it have a meaty flavor when it’s just vegetables and I’m not meaty, like is in a, in a steak, but it’s, it’s weird. It’s a different, I guess it’s the consistency. That’s different.

It’s pretty good. No, it’s weird. I, it was there again. It’s like it’s salt, but there’s no salt in here. So is it really, truly, it has a distinct flavor. It has a different flavor. I’m not sure what it is. I can’t pinpoint it at all.

I’ve tried to smell it. Smelling is probably not going to do any good. Um, we’re running out of juice. So these next couple of sips, I’m going to really to pinpoint what it is I’m talking about. Nope, I can’t do it. I know it’s really, it’s the consistency like, alright, I got some celery, little finite, whatever, but the consistently is more like water, but when it’s going down, it’s not. And that’s, that’s very difficult to explain. So, you know, when you’re drinking some smart water, whatever, or some just regular purify water, doesn’t matter. Um, it just goes down like a waterfall. This goes down, but it feels like it goes down slower. Like it’s kind of syrupy. Obviously. It’s not syrupy cause there’s no syrup in here, but it’s, it just kind of goes down a little bit different than water. It’s really difficult to explain. I’ll run at a time. So,

There was something in there. There is something in here. God, I felt it go in my mouth. Well, I, I guess that is what it is. Cause look at the side. If there was nothing in there, it wouldn’t be everything on the side. So as much as I want to say, it’s like water and that’s probably what it is, is cause this part, this looks like beet and, and celery. I was about to say strawberry man,

Towards the end. You see what I mean? It’s really, it was thick. So I probably that, that could be what it was. It’s just the way that the consistency of it. It tastes really different though. Again, kind of meaty, which I’m guessing. That’s what it is, is it’s the celery celery makes with the beat was creating kind of like a meaty flavor because I don’t know what it is. It’s weird. Try it out for yourself. All right, cut the camera.

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