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March 21 Fitness

It’s a Sunday, our, our, our new week starting tomorrow. Uh, we’re going to add a little bit of legs just cause right now I still have a smidget of energy in me. Right. So while I have the energy in me, I might as well add legs at something like okay. Out in the forest, that would be cool. However, adding an entire, another workout start working on our bottom half of our body is even better. So that’s what we’re going to do. The weight, as you see, I’m breathing a little heavier than normal today. Um, I think a lot of that has to do, uh, I cheated today and I ate some taco bell would usually, you know, I don’t really eat junk food for first off and then eating before my workouts is why I’m over here, huffing and puffing and bourbon taco bell, and feel like I got prep right now.

Uh, it doesn’t come out the best. Uh, and it made me a little nauseous when I was running. I’m not gonna lie. Um, my stomach was already full then, like, Whoa, it was full starting then trying to add a little water to it. I just feel heavy and lethargic and little, uh, you know, when you feel like you’re going to throw up, I don’t know what they call it. Um, yeah, but other than that, I, uh, still ran three miles. I was a little faster today or I ran a little bit longer today than yesterday as a day. And yesterday I still ran at 5.6. So I ran three miles a little bit over 30 minutes, but today I ran a little bit longer. Cause the show I was watching there was like an extra minute where did enough to really talk about, write home about, but I did run a little bit extra pushups in the morning time. They’re easy. It’s just the plastic that our musings digging into my hands. So I gotta find something else or uh, just, you know, suck it up. But I have, I have other ways of like smaller weights that are, I’ll probably just bring them in into this room because this room is where I do my morning workout and I’ll just use those.

There we go. Wow. I needed that Burke. That’s it tastes terrible. Just letting you know, he’s like taco bell, but, um, I needed it regardless. So yeah, I’ll probably just bring it waits in. And then I also want to do, do kind of like some burnouts on my, on my arms. Um, just like the shoulders, but we’re not there yet. Uh, I almost need to add another like small section. She’s just like a jump rope, jump rope, like five, 10 minutes a day. Uh, well I start every day with 10 minutes. Right? You can change your life for just 10 minutes. So I gotta just find the 10 minutes cause they’re they’re right there. I have plenty of extra 10 minutes in a day. So I just got to figure out what extra 10 minutes of the day I want to devout to jump roping.

So how long is it going to take me to find this 10 minutes? I’m not quite sure. I’m probably going to have to scan through every minute of my day and be like, you know what, this minutes not, I can’t do it this minute. And then till I find some minutes where I’m like, you know what I am I, there is no way I can not just do these 10 minutes. Kind of like how it was. They’re starting to get onto the, onto the treadmill. How the first 10 minutes, when we first started, this was miserable. It was as hard as could be. I had to convince myself every day to just get on it for 10 minutes now, riding running for 30 minutes. And instead of convincing myself to get on it, I’m trying to convince myself that I got to run faster. Right?

So in everything that we do, we just small steps are always better than no steps. So I know it’s going to take me a minute to convince myself that I, I have nothing better to do with my time besides jump rope. Uh, but I know once I started doing it and I do it on a consistent basis basis that I won’t be able to find time not to do it. Right. I got a couple other projects that I got to work on right now, if you remember about a month and a half ago, well maybe not that long, maybe about a couple weeks ago. I was like, I gotta find 10 things a day to talk about for 10 minutes. So it’d be like a hundred, like a hundred minutes of talking. Um, I’ve yet to do that. Yeah. Kind of Y you know, with the, the vegetables and everything, I’m doing it with the vegetables and kind of doing with this, but I wanted to find 10 extra things, kind of expand my brain. So while I’m brainstorming on that, I got to figure out what else to do. But other than that, it’s about five minutes. I’m going to cut this short and keep going. If you’re still with me, amazing, can’t believe it really, truly don’t believe that anyone has the motivation to do this every single day. But if you have, and you are at this point, Pat yourself on the back, cause I know that you are one of you. All right, bye.

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