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Night Juice To Stimulate The Mind; Day 4 Of Juicing

So at nighttime, if you remember in the morning time, we were trying to stick more to fruit, a tonic, giving me the sugars to, to be, uh, highly stimulated for the day. I guess that’s a good way to say it. And then I was saying in the nighttime, we’re going to try to go more greens. We know that lettuce is a sleep aid, spinach. We’re going to go through this, the, what they are in just a second, but we have some lettuce and spinach, some artichoke, uh, some, some, uh, what does that squash, zucchini a tomato and then some type of pepper. Uh, the book, our little green juicing book. Doesn’t have what a, the green peppers are, but like what? Doesn’t have peppers in here at all, but I’m putting it in there hopefully to give me some flavor. Cause I don’t, I don’t particularly think this is going to be the best flavor right here. I don’t see anything. That would be really good. Um, so hopefully the, the paperwork we’ll give it a little Tang. All right, let’s go through our book.

All right. We have zucchini. Let’s see if you can see that art vitamins, a C and K magic, magnesium potassium, digestive health, blood, sugar control, heart health and eye health. We got our tomato. There we go. Vitamin C and K one full late potassium, heart health, cancer prevention, and skin health. We got some new, our spinach. Wait, we got squashed. So our squash, uh, vitamins, a C E N B six. [inaudible] diabetes management. Okay. Anti-inflammation and lung health. That is perfect. That’s not bad at all. All right. Look, spinach is right above it. Vitamins. K a B two and B six foliate man. Gunnys eye health, brain health and muscle health. So we’re going to try that. We put in a lotta, uh, greens, lots of greens. Oh, you would go with our lettuce, right? Um, vitamins a and K potassium, zinc, folate anti-inflammation sleep aid. And anti-anxiety. So we were having a lot of info anti-inflammation so, I mean, if I that’s, I guess that’s good for when we sleep, let’s try it. Let’s check out. Artichoke vitamins, C K, and B folate, magnesium, potassium, cholesterol, health, blood pressure, regulation, liver, health and health. All right. So that’s, that’s really nice right there. I enjoy the liver health. Cause my, my days when I was a heavy drinker, when I was younger, this, hopefully this is a, can it help me out? The more we do this? Uh, like I said, the peppers aren’t there. So that kinda sucks, but whatever. All right. So what I’m going to be doing is like every other day, chopping all this stuff up and seeing a little bit,

All right. Mental note,

Artichoke. Don’t just cut it in half and stick it in a little machine. It’s going to clog it. They got a whole bunch of little mini hairs all over in the inside. So you got to take it and cut it out. And then half the leaves you’re going to have to rip off. So literally all you get out of it is just the art show card. It’s a waste of a dollar or $2, however much it was. I’d rather just eat the artichoke. I enjoy artichokes. So I’d rather just eat the artichoke instead of just Badger it and wasted because I don’t feel like I got anything out of it. Maybe a couple of drops.

So here we go.

This is our nightly green juice. Let’s see how, um, like I said, it’s nerve wracking, no idea how this is going to taste. It’s exciting kind of this morning. Wasn’t that bad yesterday morning was terrible.

So cross your fingers. I can smell the pepper. Yeah. That’s weird.

A little small pepper has a lot more flavor and a lot more taste than when I put the jalapeno in there. Remember I put the half a jalapeno a couple of days ago, got a little, that little pepper has way more of a kick. I hope that is not like the onion and it ruins the entire thing for me. So I gotta be really careful when we put peppers and onions and things, because I don’t know, it looks like this is a lot, but that half an onion destroyed the entire cup and gave me a stomach ache.

I can taste it. It’s it’s giving that, that

Hot flavor tingle. It’s not unbearable right now. Uh, I’m not sure how, how much of a tinkle it’s going to give me throughout this entire thing? Uh, more or less kind of nerve wracking nerve wreck on that. Um, let’s see what happens. The flavor of everything is not too horrible, right? It’s not bad at all. The flavors manageable. It kind of, it really tastes like nothing. It looks really green, but tastes like water kind of, kind of chunky water.


It pepper. It gives it again. It gives it. It’s kind of like I ate mild hot food. My lips are starting to get a little Tingley. So yeah,


Maybe that was too much pepper. We’re not quite sure trying to let it go through by this point in time, I think maybe one or two more gulps. And uh, we’ll see how if it’s affecting, cause we’re getting close to the point where we were with the onion and it was just, it was overbearing. And I, I was, I mean, you remember, I couldn’t barely get it down, so we’ll see what this, but like I said, it’s, if this, this is remember we got our lettuce in here and our spinach. So hopefully the lettuce and the spinach they’re main characteristics. What I’m trying. Cause it’s, it’s it’s in the afternoon, it’s nighttime in a couple of hours, I’m going to go into sleep. So we’re trying to do is the lettuce says that it’s a sleep aid. So excuse me, we’re going to try to use it as a sleep aid.

Then when I’m about to go to, when I’m done with this, I’m going to go to the store. And when I go to the store, I’m going to grab a couple more cucumbers because in the nighttime right around this time, I to like remit, if you remember, cucumbers is for hydration. So it might be a really terrible idea of drinking. A lot of something that’s going to make you hydrated before you go to bed. Cause I’m gonna need to pee. But all right. I kinda, Y hopefully this doesn’t last in my system for eight hours. Right? I don’t think it does. But what I’m trying to do is cause my workout, after I run, it ran all day and, or rode the bike for an hour in the morning and ran my 30 minutes in the afternoon, did a little workout. I’m trying to like shoot myself with the correct nutrients, right?

So sleep aid, boom, got that with the lettuce and let us house a lot of water in it. I know. Let us gives a lot more, but this is my mentality. At this point, once I know more about this and I get more into it, then obviously I’ll be able to give you a much better description of, of what I’m trying to do. But right now, the key points that I’ve gotten out of it is let us sleep. So let us nighttime sleep. Spinach, muscle health, brain health, alright, muscle health, brain health, boom. That’s a nighttime has mental health, right? Like brain health. So we might need to do that a little spinach in the morning as well. Right? If we do a juicer in the middle of the day, uh, when I, cause I had an energy drink today, cause I was kind of getting tired, but now, because I might need to juice myself again.

But that would be more like energy, more, more fruit based. Right. Adding cucumber because it’s hydration and then probably spinach because it’s mental or is brain and muscle. Right. So soup me up. That’s what I’m trying to look at. So a little by little more vegetables, you want to try them and go grab some more crazy stuff today. Right? Don’t know what to say. It’s like just grab some stuff and then we’re going to experiment. We’re going to see, you know, read a little book and see what it says and we’re gonna go from there. All right. Let’s get some of this down. We got a couple of minutes left.

I think that

Wasn’t it. That’s not a bad. Ooh. As just like right here, you don’t win. I think I got a little bit more of the pepper in that one. That was a little bit woo. Right? Not a bad rule, not the onion, like, but more of a, I can taste that It really does that little mini pepper. It did some things to it.

It gives it, it really does. It gives it. It’s not overbearing. Now if you don’t like, if you don’t like the kind of tingly feeling back there, not for you, don’t do it. Terrible idea. But if you do enjoy like peppers, which I kinda like peppers, it gives that got Tingley in the back, but it’s not overbearing. Like I said, I don’t know if the whole one, those little peppers is good. I think maybe a half of one would be better. Right. Just maybe a half of one, but I’m going to try, uh, I want you to, I’m going to get a different pepper, maybe banana pepper or something like that. And then try that. Cause you know, each pepper has its own little distinct flavor. So trying to peppers, you know, like I said, we’re just trying everything we don’t know until we know,

Excuse me,

But we’re getting close to time. So I got to drink a little bit faster and talk less


Like I said, talk last, drink more. We’re almost done. I see the green juice drank all of it. It’s kind of, I mean, just to think you’re drinking green, it kind of looks like green. Just like throw up. Right. It doesn’t look appealing, but it doesn’t look like it doesn’t taste like it, it looks like. So that’s a good thing.

Yeah. Got about one more sip left. What’s good is remember it, it, this, this all goes with 10 minutes a day, right? That’s why I say 10 minutes right now. I talked a little bit too much besides the first video explaining what’s in his drink and then mushing them down, which takes longer than 10 minutes. So it’s more or less like 30 minutes a day, but you can mush vegetables. That’s not a problem. All right. I hope you can find time to mush festivals and talk on the phone or watch a movie or do whatever you’re doing because you can literally do this and whatever you’re doing at the same time.

Yeah. Towards the end,

That war, that pepper is getting it’s it’s not again. It’s it’s still not overbearing, but towards the end it’s it’s stronger. It is stronger. Is it? It’s it’s more, let’s just put it as this. It’s more flavorful at the bottom. That’s a good, that’s a good way to put it.

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