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Day 1 Video 2 Beginning The Juicing Journey

All right. Day one juice in regard to the little green juice and recipe book album link somewhere. So we’re starting off with the Apple cucumber, some asparagus and some carrots. I doubt that’s enough, but we’re going to see what we’re doing. I’m going to show you a little bit what we’re doing. Asparagus right here. You can see it says vitamin C K N a full late on what that is. Digestive health, blood presser regulation, and weight loss. We got carrot environments, a C B six potassium for iHealth skincare, cancer prevention, cucumber, a V N C magnesium, potassium, hydration, weight loss, blood sugar control, and bowel regulation. And then our fruit. We’ve got Apple, which is vitamin C potassium, quercitin heart health, weight loss, and cancer prevention.

All right. Now let’s plug her on and see if I can figure this out. All right. It’s the first time I’ve done this. So I don’t know. Was it just mushroom in there? Why is it not moving? Let’s try this one. Okay. Having a few technical difficulties. All right. I’ll take that off now. Let’s see. Yeah. All right. Well, we’re going to pause this and I’m going to practice a little bit, try to get it to work, right. All right. So this is about how much we ended up with is there a measurement on here? Yeah. about four 50 milliliters. I don’t, I wish they wouldn’t say it in American terms, but however, my stat is, I was probably not smart and bringing it from outside.

Tastes kinda like vegetables. Carrots are strong, Just tastes like flavored water, like lightly flavored water. I can kind of taste the Apple, I guess the cucumbers, the strongest thing, but that makes sense. Cause it’s a cucumber. You’re mostly just water anyways. So it’s like I’m drinking flavored, cooked cucumber water.

I don’t know how this is going to fill me up for 30 days. Yes.

It’s like I’m drinking water. Where’s the, the thickness, right? Where is it? The thing that’s going to fill me up or am I just going to be filled up? Because I’m full of water. It has this, this, this flavored water with a vegetable. Oh, Oh, let me go ahead and get this over with

I can kind of taste like dirt a little bit like vegetables and dirt. It’s not disgusting. I don’t know. It’s bitter. I don’t really see better. Maybe I didn’t put enough bitter stuff in there. Hmm. What we’re going to do, hopefully, like I said, this is breakfast. We’re going to do some more for lunch. We’re going to add some different stuff. All right. And we’re gonna drink a big one, a bigger glass. Cause I, I just have a feeling I’m going to be hungry here a little bit. This is a little bit less enjoying drinking. My morning coffee is much more enjoyable. It’s hot. It’s got sugar in there. I mean, it’s just a sugar too, but just because of the Apple, when it’s hot, right. It’s a little bit more enjoyable. So just by habit, this is probably going to be more of a painting, but, but we’ll see.

I mean, I’m, I’m, I’m disappointed about the Apple and the avocado all like half the fruits and half the vegetables that I wanted to use. So that’s why I’ll get a blender. And then with that they have, there’s a lot of waste that comes with this. Like the, the fruit and vegetable waste. I can’t, it’s like almost counterproductive to throw that all away. Cause it’s like, well, so that’d be nutrients and vitamins in there. All I do is just take the juice out. So I’m thinking maybe thumps some of that stuff into the, when I get a blender and blend it up together. Obviously I won’t be using any milk or anything like that or any protein or any of that. It’ll be bananas. And just if I want, you know, add the juice right here, blender, and then now give it it’s it’s the consistency.

But the another night idea they have is to put the vest or like the, the vegetable garbage on like as a compost, which I’m thinking that will be a good idea as well. It’s cold. It was a little cold outside. Somebody going out there right now, but I’m gonna S I’m gonna just save all the guts, all the stuff, the vegetables are crushed up and keep those to the side and then use them as my compost right now. Cause I gotta build my garden and just, you know, put it right back into the ground and see if that, if it’s good, good compost, because I don’t want to use miracle grow. It’s kinda, to me, it’s kind of like defeating the purpose of I’m trying to get all natural and then I’m putting chemicals on all the food that I’m going to be eating. So it doesn’t make sense. So I’m gonna try to go all natural with everything. All right, I’m gonna finish this, wash this up and then get to my day’s work. See you guys at lunch.

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