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Day 2 Video 2 Afternoon Cucumber Delight

All right. So for our afternoon juice, We have our cauliflower, which Let’s bring out our trusty book, right? Cauliflower, vitamin C and K. Let me see if you can see it. There you go. And B six, full eight potassium and weight loss, bone health and cancer prevention. We got a spare Gus over here, some big ones. We got, what is this? Weight loss, blood pressure regulation, digestive health, and vitamin C K N a full late. We also got tomatoes today. See if we can find that tomato, tomato, we got a C and K vitamins, folate, potassium, heart health, cancer prevention, and skin health. All right, what else? We got some cucumber and some celery. So let’s go cucumber.

Here we go. Vitamins, K and C magnesium, potassium, hydration, weight loss, blood, sugar control and bowel regulation. What was the last one? Oh, that’s was it celery? There we go. Celery. Wait a minute. Is that the one I just did? No, I did cucumber. All right. Cellar, vitamin C K a folate potassium, digestive health, anti Flint, inflammation, cholesterol, health, blood pressure regulation, and skin health. Now what I have over here as well. Cause you know, in the afternoon we try not to do as many fruits cause it has more sugar in it. I have jalapeno. Now I’m not going to put that whole jalapeno in there for the fear that I’m going to create something. I can’t drink because it’s too hot. So I’m going to put a part of that jalapeno in there to kind of give it a more robust flavor. Right? Cause I have a feeling that this there’s, there’s not going to be very, very good flavor in this concoction that I made right here. All right. So I will see you in a minute. Let me mush all this stuff up. We’re going to make a whole cup, a one liter. So, cause I’m, I’m kind of thirsty right now while I’m hungry. I’m starving. So we’re gonna make a whole a whole juice cup full of it. And then we might make one later on a day if I’m still hungry. And so here we go. Talk to you later on. All right. It’s the main green right here.

See, see, this is what I’m talking about. That’s the thickness. That’s what I guess that’s my food. All right. Kind of like a baby, like Gerber.

Remember this morning. I’m trying not to over overdo it, stirred up a little bit.

I know this is going to be really weird. And when I say this kind of like tastes like Chinese food, like I can’t think of the dish. Right? I can’t think of that. Dish. The cauliflower is really strong. I don’t taste the asparagus nor do I taste the jalapeno. I put half the jalapeno in here to try to give it some flavor. I don’t think that worked at all. Maybe w you know, next time we’re just go ahead and put the whole thing in there and see what happens.

I taste a lot of the celery. I don’t know. Maybe that’s the mixture of the celery and the, the cabbage, maybe that’s what’s giving it the weird kind of Asian flavor. Right? Okay. So I get like the moose Shu, pork, something like that. And it’s mostly vegetables. That’s I now I thought what it was, it kind of tastes like that a little bit, which would make sense. I mean, I think they have nothing but cabbage in there, but this is cauliflower. Oh. I got all over the place.


All right. Let’s get down into the nitty gritty. Let’s get good to get this done. All right.

Little celery.

So even the blend or can’t get rid of all the little celery hairs, right? You don’t talk to them about when you eat cellar gets stuck on your deep. I will say, this is, this is a massive amount. I mean, it’s just a leader. Don’t get me wrong. It’s just a leader. So we went over this morning, the same size. So it’s just a water bottle. So it’s not like I’m down in a whole bunch, but this is a little thicker than I am. I’m getting it. Well, I’m hungry. Right? And I want food. So within the consistency of this, the thickness I’m happy. All right. That’s kind of why I’m trying to drink it faster. I’m not going to drink this over an hour. Are you kidding me? By the time the hour is over, I’ll still beHungry. So We’re going to jumpstart ourselves with all these vegetables now at nighttime Add, Yeah. See, I need more jalapeno in here. Or maybe like a ghost pepper or something. Right. Cause I think, you know, like, okay, Americans put a lot of hot sauce on there. I put hot sauce on my food. Right? I’d rather put hot sauce sometimes then other like marinades or sauces.

So the, the lure for like Tingey hot, a warmer foods would make sense. So if I can, I had to find a nutritional value of all these different, really, really hot peppers. But I have a feeling like if I were to do peppers, I’d have a, a little bit better tasting concoction, at least, you know, little, little jazz, a little spice it up. Right. I need to put some ginger in here. I’m wanting to go try hops and all that kind of stuff, you know, since hops are in your beer. So I’m about to, when I see what Hoppes tastes like when you mush them up and turn them into a juice. So as long as you, I mean now, w w now I’m figuring out, okay, when I’m hungry, you can still eat. It’s just, you got grind all your food up, and then it turns into a meal, Not as satisfying as eating a hamburger or a state.

All right. Towards the bottom. Ooh. Towards the bottom. There’s less, there’s less substance at the bottom. Some more juice. Well, that’s fine. That’s fine. Again, everyone said I’d be running to the bathroom and also the kind of stuff. Maybe other people are more backed up than I am. I’m not sure. Maybe I’m healthier than they are. I don’t know. But for me, I mean, I was disappointed when I went to the back of this mortar. I always put it like that. And with all this green stuff, that’s in me,

Find out

We’re getting close to the 10 minutes. So I’m trying to drink this faster. Sorry for my rambling on, but there’s not much to talk about with this, with this one. Not as it was really bland, really blend. So the tomato, I don’t taste it. Tomato don’t taste the jalapeno. I really, I taste the cabbage and I taste the celery and the cucumber, I don’t even really taste the cucumber. I think the cucumbers just to give it to the, the juice. Right?

What is weird? So I can take, there’s like, there’s all vegetables as it, you know, it’s what we got celery in here. We got cucumber, we got Cabot, no cauliflower. We got asparagus and tomato, right. Something like that. And the pepper for there. Not to be any like fruit. It’s really sweet. Right. It’s really sweet. It’s I don’t know what it is. Maybe. Cause I don’t, I didn’t think I put it any in any, any sweeter or like sugar based vegetables. I mean, that’s another thing I gotta, I gotta learn more about this, this business, right? Cause for if it’s sweet, like this with no added sugars, then man old man, the, the, the stuff that you’re getting at the grocery store, the juices and everything at the grocery store have to be absolutely horrendous for you. Cause you can taste the sugar in like a Gatorade you’re going to get, I mean, I, you know what I mean? You can taste the sugar in orange juice. You can taste it. You can be like, Whoa, that’s a little sweet. Right. And then when you try something else, you’re like, man, where’s the sugar. This is better. Right. The more natural stuff. So you always go back to, you know, maybe the Tropicana. All right, ladies. I do. But with this, it’s weird. Cause it’s really sweet and there’s nothing in here. Just mushed up vegetables.

Yeah. So the bottom, the bottom,

Not as impressed with the bottom, let’s just put it like that. The top part had all the floaty stuff out. It had all the thickness. The bottom is more just straight flavored water. Nothing. There’s no mask in the flavored water with, with sledge,

Right? Yeah. So it’s much better, much better.

The dumper half was much better than the bottom. Half the bottom half it’s Okay.

It’s it’s too. It’s too watery. There’s nothing. There’s no, I don’t know what it is. The, the top part. Maybe it’s just cause I’ve drank all this. And my body’s just like, man, I know no more of it. Okay. It was cool the first few times going down, but now no more, no more. Right. I could be yet. We’re almost there. All right. Forgot a little laughter like a shot left. So I am kind of, I’m getting kind of full. So this is amazing. Amazing. This is exactly what I wanted. I wanted to be full. So if this last of

Juice, Basically I don’t, I can’t really say it’s juice. Cause when I think it’s juice, I’m thinking fruit. When this glass of vegetable water, It fills me up, then we’re on to something. Then that means I can, I can, I will be able to withstand 30 days. Cause I know I just gotta throw a whole bunch of stuff in there and make sure I fill this all the way to the top and I’ll fill myself up.

Now. I am Nervous that if I do that on a consistent basis. Cause you know, like I said, it’s a little bit more difficult to come down or go down. Now you can see it. I’m a little concerned

That I’m gonna throw it up. Great. It’s

Not horrible. It’s just not, it’s not something I’m going to wake up and be excited to drink. Right. Especially this part is disgusting.

Canberra. Excuse me. Sorry. It’s just too watery, man. Is this like the end of the beer? Right? There’s nothing different. The whole beer tastes great that he gets to that last little swallow and the last little swallows are always the worst part. So it makes sense. I’m not going to download it because of that. Yeah, let’s see how long this keeps me full and we’ll see how we feel later on today. All right. Talk to you later.

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