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February 17 Fitness

Well today, I felt great. I’m doing this earlier in the day. I really truly do not have time to wait till four o’clock in the afternoon. Cause then I’m just kind of twiddling my thumbs and I truly am thinking of adding more in the afternoon. I just become too susceptible to wanting to drink or do other things


Or later in the day. Cause I’m not doing anything. All right. I’ve already rode the bike for an hour. I’ve already ran for 30 minutes. Did my other little exercises. And then by five o’clock I’m like, Well, there’s nothing to do. I’ve already done everything I was supposed to do today. And then I think what’s making it worse right now is I don’t have a project. Usually I have a project towards keeps me really busy, but at this very point in time, I have zero projects, nothing to do with, Which is literally making me go crazy. Cause I, I can’t stand when my mind is idle,

But I don’t have, I don’t get me wrong. I have the major project of the library. However Does not where my mind is. My mind is I want to arcade. Right. But in order to build this arcade, I have to do a lot of stuff, right? It’s not as easy as I’m just going to build this arcade. Either I have to buy a site that already has it or I have to code it all myself because the program I’m using, doesn’t allow you to have a Ady dot text file. So it’s very frustrating, but it is okay. I will figure it out cause there’s a spot for TXT, but I don’t understand why I can’t access it, but, and you know, customer service is worthless, so that’s frustrating. But other than that, I I’m still convincing myself that this juicing diet of doing nothing but juices or drinking fluids, basically with flavored fluids of flavor of vegetable flavor and fruit labor. So, cause I don’t want to say juice because if, if I just say juice, then that could also mean I’m just going to store and go grab some minute maid and Tropicana and just drink orange juice and Apple juice the whole time, which is not what I’m trying to do.

Cause it has a lot of additives sugars. So I’m trying to go 100% natural, flush my system and see what happens if something great goes in, Hey, well we’re adding on actually. It’s really, it’s just as a science experiment, I to mix different vegetables together and see if I can find the perfect concoction to Enhance my Muscle. If I can find the perfect concoction to enhance my brain focus, you know what I’m saying? I’m trying to find the best things that can fit for me. So instead of taking a sugary energy drink, I can drink

A Carrot, celery, rutabaga, whatever I have to drink that I’m not there yet. I don’t know. I’m just throwing the stuff out there. But if you understand what I’m saying, I’d rather take the complete natural approach. Because if I can get the same bang for my buck, from something that girls from the nature, then opposed to something that was created in a factory, I will do that any day and all day. But today his body is out all day. So cut this video. You did the dip. Yeah, exactly. I’m gonna cut this video short, take my shirt off and let you guys see how my stomach is staying the same or I don’t know. It looks the same to me. Cause I see myself every day. Hopefully you guys see something different, but to me it’s the same thing, but I’m not going to give up doing the body evils just cause Eventually

I’ll look back and be like, well, goodness, you’ve made a huge change, but right now it’s so slow. I don’t see anything. So just being honest. All right. See you later.

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