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February 19 Fitness

Today was a really easy day. I was a little bored on a treadmill just cause my internet wasn’t really working very well, so it kept skipping or like buffering or whatever. So in the middle of a good conversation, then all of a sudden it was just stopped for 30, 45 seconds. And then eventually I just turned it off since that’s more annoying to have that happen than to just simply turn it off. So I turned it off, but then that made everything kind of slow to make things a little less or less boring. I sped the treadmill up on the last five minutes. So I went up to six not, I didn’t really like, Ooh, one mile per hour, but you know, it’s still a change it’s still went up. So that’s always lovely.

Yeah, I can’t think of too much more the, the exercises after are easy. So I think we’re on schedule to end this month with four reps or four sets. That’s awesome. So we’re right in line with the overall goals. Next order of business you, I think I’m going to add one more little cardio thing. I would like to start jump roping. I’m not sure how motivated I am to do that. Maybe we’ll start mid March or the beginning of March kind of see how, how it goes. The bike is easy. It’s just, my butt is really sore after, but you know, whatever, get over that. Yeah, I don’t have too much like knowledge for you guys today. It’s kinda, it’s a Friday. Just kinda if you know what I mean? So I’m just glad the day’s over really. And start tomorrow, start fresh birthday’s on Sunday. So try not to think of anything and just get the day over with, and hopefully get this weekend over with and start fresh Monday past my birthday. So it doesn’t matter, you know what I mean? All right. Tech failure.

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