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February 21 Fitness

What the, dude, what a miserable day, what a miserable day. This is probably the worst. Self-Imposed struggle for a birthday I’ve ever had. If you pay attention to what I be saying, or like my path and my journey, I’m against friends. And again, I’m feeling like today on my birthday. Right? I had a lot of things to do for my birthday. I didn’t even get to give myself my own gift. Why? Cause I went and hung out with people that don’t have my best interests at heart. My best interest was to sit here and finish my stuff, but they wanted me to hang out because they wanted to spend time with me for my birthday. So they, they chose what’s best for them. They made themselves happy. But why I had to struggle, I’m struggling today on my birthday at data should be great, right?

A day I should have motivation and energy, but right now my head is pounding. Right? That’s miserable. I feel like on my birthday. I wasn’t able to, I wasn’t able to work out how, how I usually do. I ran 10 minutes cause my head is pounding. It’s killing me. I still, I mean, I had to get to my hell and I’m not that much of a loser. I still ran my, I rode my bike for an hour. I’m not that much a loser. I had to get something done because I know if I didn’t do anything on my birthday, I’d never forgive myself.

And it goes again with you get where you want to go in life. And if you have to cut everybody off, cut them off, man. They’re not worth it. You think that they’re your friends. They’re not, they’re only your friends. If you benefit them. And I know they’re going to be like no way Eric, but just think about it. When is your friend ever do anything that doesn’t benefit them directly? You’ll be like, well, they helped me, but yeah, they do it because it benefits them. Like they feel good from it. So don’t focus on anything. Put yourself period.

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