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February 28 Fitness

Getting better and better. I for 20 minutes a day, I ran at a 5.7, opposed to just 10 minutes. So I’m in Christ, increasing the speed little by little as I go. Cause you know, progress over perfection every day. We’re just trying to get better. All right. Just a small little, tiny percent better than we did yesterday. With the sit-ups did those, those are getting easier and easier. I might add a little bit more just because it’s easy. I might do 160. What I did this morning was I, yeah, I did. Push-Ups after the sit-ups, which was, it was really good. I did two sets, you know, just 20 pushups.

I was thinking about it that would supplement the other set for this app for the running. But it doesn’t because I’m only doing pushups so that doesn’t solve that problem all the way. But I think we’re going to go how we are right now, do two sets of pushups in the morning. Do that for a couple of weeks, maybe a week. You know, cause we are progressing every week, do that for a week or so, and then implement another set for the whole like kind of body workout. And then hopefully by the end of March, we will be adding, you know, a whole nother dimension to our workout, to work in another part of the body. Cause that’ll be enough time at the workouts that we’re doing right now. Don’t forget in March, we’re going to be focusing more on nutrition.

So it’s going to take a few days to get to that. But once, cause I got the juicer it’s on its way. So once that gets done, I ordered a couple of books as well to try and get me started before I really start experimenting. So this should be exciting. I will be making a daily video to see how I’m feeling probably that that’s going to be like a whole, whole nother excitement or basically another journey. Feel free to join that over there as well. It will be a 30 day. If I can make it strictly just juice, diet well juice stop, you know where you’re going to dice the vegetables. So I’m not going to eat any food just straight and trying to cleanse my body clear out. Some of my love handles and see just kinda optimize my which fruit or vegetable or nut or whatever I blend together can give me the best vitals for each of the things I’m trying to test. So if I’m feeling good after one month, then I might go to, but that’s that’s way too much more that’s way more than what I can then I can even think or fathom right now. So we’re just wishing them luck on doing one month, but as I’m dripping, sweat all over the place, I’m gonna go take a shower, have a good one.

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