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January 27 Body Evaluation

Right buddy bell day, Still chubby, or I’m trying to get good life for him. Uh, let’s see. Get a little bit of a definition. I’m why is it not like, I guess it’s cause it’s like, I was like still, like I said, still getting still, this is still here, so that’s not, that’s not going away anytime fast. Uh, you can kind of see a little bit of definition. All right. So that’s, that’s happy. Uh, arm’s still kind of nothing. Uh, let’s see, you see the guy, you see that with my shoulder. So that’s coming a little ghost, stack this on

A little bit. You see it.

Well, it’s kind of hard to see I’m talking about this muscle right here. Harris. That’s kind of come a little bit, uh, the stomach. I really don’t like the stomach right here. So, I mean, I think I talked about last week, but uh, this week, you know, this month or excuse me, uh, what we’re doing, we’re doing the two sets. So I’m waiting just a little bit, trying to get used to two sets and then I’m probably gonna buy her an AB roller just to, just to make me do, you know, start off with, you know, 20, 40 sit-ups for, you know, a set of 20 and then another set of 20. Um, but let me first get the pushups and, and things on a wrap first, but I don’t know. Maybe you guys, right. Well, you guys are seeing something a little bit different. Um, let’s check my skin. Maybe you guys did see my skin kind of clear it up. Maybe. I don’t know. Uh, yeah, I can’t see a difference. Uh, maybe you guys do all right.

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