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General Electric:

Their Main Businesses Are Aviation, Power, Healthcare, And Renewable Energy.


Through Their Aviation Department They Have Commercial, Military, Business And General Aviation, Digital, And Marine. What’s Interesting About Their Marine Is They Make Military Gas Turbines, Commercial Gas Turbines, And Ge Diesel Engines. They Also Have Ge Power Conversion And Marine Systems And Technology. We Don’t Typically Think Of The Importance Ge Has In Marine Business And Development. 


Ge Has An Incomparable Market Share In Power Around The World. They Create A Third Of The World’s Electricity 90% Of Their Technology Equips Power Transmission Utilities Worldwide And A Staggering 40% Of The World’s Energy Is Managed By Their Software


Through Their Health Care Department They Create And Build Systems And Devices For Data Analysis Applications And Services To Make Hospitals More Efficient Which In Turn Decreases Time And Cost For Each Patient.

Renewable Energy:

Ge Takes Renewable Energy Extremely Serious. A Few Featured Solutions Ge Has For Solving The Energy Dependency We Have On The World Are Offshore Wind Turbines, Onshore Wind Turbines, And G3 Green Gas For Grid. Their Portfolio Consists Not Only Of Wind Power But Also Hydropower And Hybrid Combining The Renewable Energy And Storage. They Are In The Services Department To Maintain All The New Sources Of Renewable Energy.