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Honeywell Conducts Business In An Assortment Of Different Industries. They Are In Aerospace, Buildings And Cities, Chemicals And Materials, Industrial And Manufacturing, Retail, Safety, Sporting Goods, With A Massive Supply Chain.


Honeywell Is Teaming Up With United Airlines To Create A Cleaner, More Efficient Environment For Your Travel Experience. Through Honeywell Forge They Have A Goal To Eliminate 35% Of Equipment Failures. They Plan To Do This Through Renovating How Data Is Processed. 

 Buildings And Cities:

Honeywell Believes The Future For Buildings And Cities Is To Create Smart Buildings And Cities With Their Cloud Company Honeywell Forge They Embark On The Journey To Make Buildings Autonomous. A Great Podcast They Have On Their Website Goes Into Further Detail How Transforming Buildings Into Smart Autonomous Buildings Could Drastically Affect The P&L Of Every Major Company In A Positive Way.

Chemicals And Materials:

Their Chemical Department Is In A Plethora Of Different Industries Making A Lot Of Different Products For Example They Have A Nice Article About Foam, Did You Know That Every 10 Lb An Auto Manufacturer Sheds From A Single-Car Equals 10 To 15 Pounds Less CO2 Released Into The Atmosphere Each Year. This Matters Because With Honeywell’s Advanced Technology They’re Able To Create Foam For Your Car Which Is 20% Lighter Than The Competitors. 

Industrial And Manufacturing:

Through Honeywell’s Partnership With ADNOC (Abu Dhabi National Oil Company) They’re Running A Digital Twin Which Is A Digital Replication Of The Physical Asset And Processes What This Does Is It Gives Honeywell And Adnoc Insights Of Inefficiencies In Their Systems. This Data Is Processed In Their Cloud System To Rectify The Systems To Make Them More Cost-Efficient And Less Prone To Disaster As It Costs Millions Of Dollars For An Oil Company To Halt And Pause Production.


Honeywell Is On The Forefront Of Trying To Make Your Shopping Experience A More Pleasurable One. We All Know That Waiting In Lines Is The Biggest Hassle When It Comes To Shopping. A Study Solidifies This By Stating, Retail Lost 37 Billion Dollars Because Customers Were Frustrated And Decided To Leave The Store And Not Purchase The Items They Had Intended To Purchase Because Of Long Lines Honeywell Is Trying New Options Like Mobile Checkout Or Scan & Go. The Same As How Cookies Follow You On The Internet, The Loyalty Programs That Most Retailers Have Is Looking To Solve The Hassle Of Shopping. Another Statistic Says Nearly 80% Of Customers Say Loyalty Programs Make Them More Likely To Do Repeat Business With Brands. Imagine A Future Where You Push A Button On Your Phone And Your Groceries Or Whatever Retail Product You Are Buying Is Delivered To You Curbside The Coronavirus Has Expedited This Phenomenon But It’s Good To Know Honeywell Is At The Forefront Of This Phenomenon. 


One Of The Most Costly Variables In Doing Business Is Safety. Honeywell Take Safety Very Seriously Especially During The Coronavirus With Their N95 Masks And Their Ability To Completely Transform Manufacturing Into Creating Hand Sanitizers For The World It Proves Honeywell Takes Safety Seriously. 

Sporting Good:

Surprisingly Enough Honeywell Also Has Four Different Sporting Good Companies Spectra Fishing, Howard Leight Shooting Sports, Muck Boot Company, And Xtratuf.