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Illinois Tool Works:

From Greener Technologies For The Food Industry, A Cleaner Safer Way To Fuel Cars, Better Product Testing Which Equals Lower Environmental Impact And From The Kansas Factories To The Asian Oil Rigs Boosting Productivity Illinois Tool Works Has Their Hands In The Development Have A Better World. 

Food Industry:

ITW Hobart Has Answered The Call Of Restaurants And Hospitality, They Have Created A Higher Energy Efficient Conveyor Type Commercial Dishwasher With Combined Energy And Water Savings Of More Than $11,000 A Year. 

Fuel Cars:

ITW’s Latest String Of Innovations For Fueling Vehicles Is Their Capless Refueling System Which Has Already Been Awarded The Chicago Innovation Award. The System Has Created A New Standard In The Auto Manufacturing Industry, This System Reduces Evaporation Which Increases The Air Quality And Creates A Cleaner Environment For The Consumer, For Not Having To Touch Substances That Could Be Doused With Gasoline.  


To Enhance Productivity Through Welding ITW Has Embedded A Monitoring System Within Each Welding Platform. This Is Because Action Welding Information Is A Powerful Tool In The Quest For Continuous Improvement And It Drives Productivity Improvement And Enhances The Quality Of All Welding While Also Lowering The Fabrication Costs.