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Helen Of Troy:

Is A Global Consumer Products Company Which Offers A Range Of Different Products And A Numerous Number Of Licenses To Create Products For Other Well-Known Brands. The Company Focuses On Three Distinct Areas: Housewares; With Their Subsidiaries Hydro Flask And Oxo, Health And Home;Where They Create And Manufacture Products For Braun, Honeywell, Pur, And Vicks. And Beauty; Where They Design And Manufacture Decorative Hair Care Accessories And Powder Base Personal Care Products.  

Health And Home:

Through Their Licenses They Have Been Awarded International Design Excellence Awards. To Name A Few Awards; Vicks Underarm Thermometer, Vicks Digital Thermometer Family – Baby Rectal, Pur Advanced Filtering Water Cooler. 


 Helen Of Troy Works Directly With Revlon, Infusion, Dry Bar, Curt, Hot Tools Professional, And Brute


Oxo – They Manufacture Kitchen Utensils, Office Supplies And Housewares With Over A Thousand Products 

Hydro Flask – The Company Is Best Known For The Water Bottles But They Also Produce Other Products Such As Wine Tumblers, Tote Bags, Cooler Bags, Coffee Cups Beer Holders Snack Packs To Hold Your Food Backpacks And Accessories. They Also Offer Customizable Water Bottles In 14 Different Colors They Source Majority Of Their Products Through China.