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The Hershey Company

A Multinational Company And One Of The Largest Chocolate Manufacturers In The World. Hershey’s Chocolate And Products Are Across The United States And Available In 60 Countries Worldwide . 

The Hershey Trust Company:

Is A Minority Owner But Owns The Majority Of The Voting Stock: The Trust Is A Private Held Corporation With Their Brands; Hershey Park And The Hotel Hershey. The Services They Provide Are An Amusement Park, Attractions, Hotels And Restaurants. 

Hershey Chocolate World:

Hershey Chocolate World Offers Market Places And Restaurants Specializing In Hershey Chocolate Products. The Main Attractions Are; Hershey’s Great Chocolate Factory Mystery In 3D, The Hershey Trolley Works, Create Your Own Candy Bar, Hershey’s Unwrapped, And Chocolate Tour Ride. The Hershey World’s Are Located In Hershey Pennsylvania, Las Vegas, Niagara Falls, Time Square, And Singapore. 

Hershey’s Products:

 Hershey’s Produces More Products Than I Have Space To Name But We’ll Break Them Down Into Major Categories: Hershey’s Brand Chocolate Products, Hershey’s Extra Dark; These Products Contain 60% Cocoa Solids. Hershey Symphony; These Products Are Made With The Same Ingredients As The Traditional Hershey Bar However Using Different Amounts Creating A Fuller Tasting Chocolate. Hershey Drops; Circular Shaped Chocolate Candies Coming In Milk Chocolate And Cookies And Cream. Hershey’s Miniatures, Hershey’s Pot Of Gold, Hershey’s Nuggets. The Most Popular Products The Hershey’s Kiss Coming In 9 Different Flavors. Reese’s Brand Products Which Is The Number One Selling Brand In The United States And Has Been Hershey’s Best Selling Product For Over 40 Years. Reese’s Pieces, And Reese’s Candy Bars. Hershey’s Has A License To Sell Kit Kats In The United States From Nestle Although Nestle Sells The Bar Worldwide. Other Less Known Products Are Almond Joys, York Pieces, Whoppers, York Peppermint Patties, The Almond Joy Brand Products. Let’s Not Forget What You Mccall It, Score, Rollo, 5Th Avenue, Milk Duds, Mister Goodbar, Crackle And Many More. 

Hershey’s Also Has A Collection Of Non Chocolate Candies Which Include; Breath Savers, Bubble Yum, Jolly Rancher, Icebreakers, Twizzlers To Name A Few.

They Also Produce Syrups, Spreads And Toppings, Krave Beef Jerky Pirate Booty Puffed Rice And Corn Snacks And Skinny Pop Popcorn Are Also Part Of The Hershey Arsenal.